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Baba Ramdev

About Swami Ramdev
Swami Ramdev born on 11 January 1965 is a renowned yoga guru who has made his name into this platform by teaching some of the best yoga postures. He is being called as Baba Ramdev and thousands of people visit his yoga camp in India and abroad. Born in Haryana, he is currently the best known yogic guru in India. Within few years under younger age he started becoming the public figure and religious channels started showing up his yoga session early morning which millions used to watch it.

His Patanjali Yoga has become a trend among people and age old and younger people practice this yoga for the betterment of health. The main aim of Swami Ramdev is that people from all over the world should adopt yoga instead of artificial medicine to cure health disease. He has opened many yoga institutions in India where different yoga techniques are being taught to people.

People attending his camp are being made to concentrate on specific yoga sessions like Pranayams, Kapalbhati, Bahya, Ujjayi, Anulomaviloma, Bhramari, Udgitha and Pranava. Within a short period of time, people have started noticing the importance of yoga in our health and life, thanks to Swami Ramdev.

In 1995, Swami Ramdev opened Divya Yog Mandir in Uttarakhand, which was followed by many such institutes along with Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust in Delhi. Apart from being in the yoga field, he recently launched Bharat Swabhiman Movement which was set against the black money and corruption taking place in Indian politics.

Presently, he has come under scanner for funding and other trust monetary matters. Swami Ramdev has been honored with various doctorates in India and abroad.




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