What To Pack If You Are Planning A Backpacking Trip

What To Pack If You Are Planning A Backpacking Trip

If you are planning a trip into the mountains or you are heading away with a group of friends with nothing but your backpack, you may want to consider packing in a few essentials which may prove to save your vacation. Take a look at what our seasoned travellers have recommended packing in your knapsack.

Power Bank

Charge up your power bank to make sure you can still access www.novibet.co.uk and your camera. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to snap a few pics for your memory collection with your friends.

Hiking Shoes

Don’t forget the shoes that are made for walking. Because you are on your feet for the duration of the day, your shoes will become your best friend. Make sure you pack in comfortable socks for the whole kit to be complete.


While your phone may have a camera, it’s always beneficial to have a backup. You never know when your battery and power bank may die or should your phone fall, get stolen or any number of occurrences happen during your journey, you wouldn’t want to lose any precious moments.

Selfie Stick

On the note of taking camera’s on your journey, a selfie stick comes in handy especially if you are on the trail. Taking the chance of risking your life for a photo is never worth the hazardous outcome. Selfie sticks allow you more freedom to move around in dangerous situations and takes more in the photo. So it’s really a win win.

Beef Jerky

When the hunger sets in so does the temper. Make sure you are prepared for a ‘hangry’ moment and keep some sealed beef jerky in your backpack for when you feel the munchies coming on.

Warm Thermal Jacket

According to our seasoned travellers, the evenings are especially cold between mountainous areas which is more often than not a traveller’sdestination. Thermal jackets are ideal for the crispy evenings under your sleeping bag.

Flash Light

The evenings will be dark with the stars as your only light. Make sure you have a friendly light in your bag to hit the wild at night when you need the loo.

Pocket Knife

You may need to cut something, take splinters out, carve out any number of things, a pocket knife will then come in handy and doesn’t take up much space.


The trail tends to take you places you have never been before, ensure your own safety by packing in a navigator in case of an emergency. If you get lost along the way, you will be able to lead your friends out of danger using your Felix kit which has more than one use.

Make sure your adventure is everything it could ever be by preparing your backpack accordingly. If you pack just a few of these essentials in, you will ensure not only your safety but your enjoyment also. Make this holiday one for the books and make your backpack as valuable as your memories.

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