Top Cancer Symptoms – Health Information

Top Cancer Symptoms – Health Information

It is sad to reveal that one in three of us develop cancer at any pint of our life. It can affect you at any age but the chances are more when you start growing older.

You would be surprised to know that lung and prostate cancer is most common in men while breast and lung cancer are most common in women. The real cause of cancer is yet not known but there are various factor that increases the chances of development of cancer in body such as obesity, smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, exposure to hazardous substances and radiation.

The various top cancer symptoms are written below- have a look!

Do you know that how your body looks can help you detect the early signs of cancer? If you notice any lump anywhere in your body, then it is sure shot sign of cancer. Rush to doctor if you experience any such lump on any part of your body, though it is painful.

Coughing, breathlessness and hoarseness:
In certain cases of cancer like lung cancer, you may experience ‘chesty’ symptoms like coughing and breathlessness. If you have cough or feel breathlessness for more than 2 weeks, you should get yourself checked by doctor. You should tell your doctor if you have blood in your sputum when you cough.

Laryngitis is very common and causes hoarse voice. In case you are affected by larynx cancer, problem of hoarse voice can affect you! Make sure you rush to doctor immediately if you experience hoarseness for more than 2 weeks.

Unexplained weight loss:
If a person experiences tremendous weight loss during short period of time which cannot be explained by changes in diet, increased level of exercise or stress, then it might be a sign of cancer. Other symptoms such as pain, fatigue and sickness also tends to affect a person who experience weight loss due to cancer.