The right shipping company will have the ideal mode of transport for the job

The right shipping company will have the ideal mode of transport for the job

The effective, safe and on-time delivery of goods is as essential an element in the success of a business transaction as any other function. The product could be the best thing on earth, but if the delivery process is unreliable, late in delivery, or otherwise inferior, all parties suffer. Goods will not be ready as planned, affecting the receiver. Customers who may be anticipating a specific product arrival date will be inconvenienced. And the shipping company responsible for their poor performance will lose that shipping contract. Losers all around.

There are a select few companies in the shipping industry that go well beyond being one of the trucking companies out on the road transporting goods across the country. A company like Landstar, with its proven 25-year track record of exemplary delivery statistics and safety numbers, is one of these companies.

An effective shipping company utilizes a network of independent agents located not only in North America, but on a global scale. Employing thousands of leased owner operators, these independent entrepreneurs are able to provide knowledge and personal service at the local level while being with a company that has a global reach.

In this era of heightened security awareness, it’s important to know that the shipping company customers trust with the safe delivery of their products takes measures to ensure all elements of the transport are safe and secure. Such security initiatives as background checks, cargo security, and Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) help to make deliveries safe, and provide the customer with a much appreciated measure of security in the whole shipping process.

Whether the shipment is as small as one pallet full of goods, or as large and immense as moving products equal to the size of small cities, the right shipping company will have the ideal mode of transport for the job. Whether it be by land, sea, or air, they will be able to take the order, and immediately put in motion all steps necessary to make the on-time pickup, delivery, and drop-off of the contracted goods.

The company the customer is looking for will have an extensive North American reach, with import and export agreements with Mexico and Canada, having the availability to utilize all available ports, drop-off points, key border points, and airports. Its reach will also be global, with the ability to ensure door-to-door delivery of goods to any location on earth, and always on time.

A wide variety of transport means will be ready to quickly and efficiently get the products moved. Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Truckload Vans, from cargo vans up to 53-foot trailers, serve all major gateways. Stepdeck, Heavy, and Specialized equipment can handle a single machine or complex projects. Expedited shipments can go by way of Air Freight, utilizing major airports.

Temperature-controlled trucks will maintain product stability, constantly monitored throughout the shipment. And if rail service is needed, the company will have contracts with major North American railroads, able to provide door-to-door service all across America, into Mexico and Canada.

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