Social Networking Groups on Assam & Website Address

Social Networking Groups on Assam and Website Address

Social networking was the in-thing since the early years of this decade through the websites like Orkut or MySpace. But the real boom came when the social networking site called Facebook made open to all. Later, the websites like Twitter or Hi5 added the spices to the dish called social networking. While these websites were for general conversation and making new friends, they are becoming a major source for business and PR. Now you can play games and use various other applications while using these social networking sites. In fact, the advent of the smart phones is another reason behind this boom of social networking sites.

1. AssamNet – The oldest Assamese electronic mailing list in the world Website
2. Assam Online Group Website
3. Friends of Assam & Seven Sisters (FASS) Group Website
4. Assamese Club Bangalore Group Website
5. North East India Yahoo Group Website
6. North-East India Research Forum Yahoo Group Website
7. Silchar Yahoo Group Website
8. Silchar Google Group:
9. Assam Google Group:

Most Popular Facebook Pages:
1. Guwahati Facebook Page
2. Silchar Facebook Page
3. Assam Facebook Page
4. Dima Hasao Facebook Page
5. Barak Valley Facebook Page
6. Protibeshi Facebook Page
7. Karimganj Facebook Page
8. Hailakandi Facebook Page
9. Cachar Facebook Page
10. Jobs Facebook Page
11. Admission Facebook Page
12. Majuli Facebook Page
13. Tawang Facebook Page
14. North East India Facebook Page


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