Silchar Town is one of the most expensive location in India

Silchar Town/City is one of the most expensive cities in India; in respect of local public transport system do you agree…?

Silchar Town/Mini city is the second largest city in the state of Assam after the state capital i.e. Guwahati and also largest urban centre in southern Assam especially in Barak Valley region. Though Silchar city having many potentials in other aspects but, its having a major problem in terms of local public transport system, as within the city/town area auto rickshaws are the main public transport system because, the city bus service is very limited in Silchar town compare to other cities or towns in India. Thus citizens generally face problem for public transport. There is no such specific fare rates for these auto rickshaws as they charge rupees 10 just even for 400 to 600 meter distance which is totally unjustified for any shared auto or public transport system, for instance if someone takes a shared auto from National Highway point and gets down at Das Colony point or New Silchar SBI branch then that person need to pay rupees 10/- i.e. just for 400 22meter distance approximately one need to pay 10 rupees which is not logical, sometime for this issue people generally need to do some arguments with auto drivers after getting down from auto where as some people remain silent in such cases because argument is not the permanent solution for this issue. Personally I have some experiences in this regard for some major towns or cities in India where, public transport is more cheaper as well as easier than Silchar town as for example in Delhi one can travel  near about 10 Kilometre distance by DTC bus service or even by metro Rail, same way other cities/towns like Allahabad, Varanasi, Muradabad, Lucknow, Sharanpur, Merrut, Noida, Gaziabad (Uttarpradesh) Haridwar, Deharadun, Roorkeey, Rishikesh (Uttrakhand) Kolkata City etc, even in Assam also if you visit Jorhat, Dibrugharh, Tezpur or even at Bongaigon town every where you can feel that, scenario is better than Silchar town/city in respect of Public transport system. In Guwahati by city bus one can travel almost 4- 5 kilometre with rupees 5/- only even by Tata Sumo service which is well-known as “tracker” which charges rupees 8/- as minimum fare rate at present by which one can travel at least 4-5 Kilometre but, why in Silchar just for one or half Kilometre it is rupees 10/- ? Do you think it is justified to pay this much of fare this much distance? Those who are residing in cities like Bengaluru, Haydrabad, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpure, Thane,Visakhapatnam or Channai etc; they know very well that how much it is differ with Silchar town in this respect ! As personally I don’t have so much experience with these cities or towns but, can say all are better than Silchar city/town in this regard. So it is very important to regulate the public transportation fare rate by administration and citizens also should come forward for this important issue so that, the scenario can be changed for Silchar Town/City. There should more improved city bus service or other public transport services provide by Government, as in Shillong City the Government of Meghalaya, has introduced Magic (Small vehicle) services along with red city bus services (JNNURM services) for public transport in the city where, the fare rates ranges between rupees 5/- and 10/- within the city area. So if it is possible in every where then why not in Silchar? Thus every citizen should come forward for this vital issue so that, every class of citizen can afford the public transport in Silchar town. As this is also a very important aspect in terms of any better town or city to live in. Hope this small article will reach to every citizen and administration of Silchar City. Everyone will come forward and support this important issue which is for betterment and improvement of Silchar City in every aspect.

Thank you.
Moharana Choudhury

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