NGOs,Trusts in Assam & Website Address

NGOs in Assam/Various Trusts in Assam & Website Address

While government is trying to fulfill all the aspirations of common people in Assam, some of the nongovernmental organizations or NOGs are coming forward for the welfare of the people of Assam. Moreover, they are non-profit organizations too. The NGOs of Assam work for the betterment of street children, child laborers, old-age homes, and environmental matters. They authorities collect the money to run their organization through donations and charity works. Some of the popular NGOs in Assam are:
• Aami Sahayatree
• Aaranyak
• Aaranyak Nature club
• Akinchan
• All Assam Tribal Paramedical Institute
• Aranya Surakshya Samiti
• Arohee

Various Trusts in Assam :
1. Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya Website
2. Dr Phani Sharma Welfare Trust Website
3. Lakshyadhar Choudhury Memorial Trust Website

4. MN Memorial Trust Website
5. North East Social Trust Website
6. Nanda Talukdar Foundation Website
7. Srimanta Foundation Website
8. Tathagata Trust Website

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