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Most Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

Do you know that intake of certain food items can lead to development of serious chronic ailments? Increased consumption of inflammation causing food items can also cause life-threatening conditions like cancer and heart ailments too! So it’s important that one should stay away from such inflammation causing foods to lead a healthy life. The list of such food items are written below- have a look!

Common table salt:
Common table salt is void of vital minerals and has nothing in common with natural salt. The compounds of common table salt trigger inflammation and causes health hazards. Excessive intake of common table salt can lead to inflammatory conditions like kidney disorders and arthritis.

You would be sad to read that excessive intake of alcohol in high doses in your lifestyle can lead to inflammation and irritation in different organs of your body. Liver, esophagus and larynx are the worst sufferers if you consume alcohol in large quantities. Excessive consumption of alcohol if combined with smoking can badly affect you with lung complications and liver cirrhosis.

More than 1 cuppa of coffee in a day or over intake of caffeine products can lead to inflammation. It is sad to reveal that overdose of caffeine not only causes inflammation but can also cause restless sleeping and adrenal disorders.

Trans fats:
Larger intake of products which are rich in Trans fats also causes inflammation. So it’s best to limit their intake otherwise you can get badly affected with cancer, type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. Trans fats are mainly found in fast foods and fried food items.

Red meat:
Red meat, if eaten in large quantities can lead to inflammatory conditions. It has been proved in oxford study that frequent consumption of red meat increases the risk of cancer by three folds.