Help for Children of War

Help for Children of War
According to UNICEF, between 300,000 and 400,000 have died in the 20-year war that has raged in Afghanastan. Many more suffer from hunger and disease in the war-torn country. For this reason, organizations like the Bayat Foundation, created by businessman, Ehsan Bayat, have not only worked to help build Afghanastan, but have also provided life-saving assistance to the children who have suffered greatly in that country.
Before and After Birth
The organizations that provide valuable assistance to the children of Afghanastan understand that help is necessary even before the child is born. For that reason, many of them offer additional food and clothing for pregnant women to promote the birth of a healthy child. After the child is born, they provide healthcare and education for the child as it grows. Not only do they work toward the physical and mental health of the children who have been ravaged by war, they also develop competitive sports to promote an active lifestyle and to keep children involved.
Orphaned Children
The lengthy war that has existed in Afghanistan has left many children orphaned. Some of them are street children who often get nothing more than a loaf of bread per day as a meal. The Bayat Foundation created the Family Sponsorship and Winter Aid program in 2008 to help support families so that children may attend school rather than beg for food on the streets. They also work to find loving homes for the children who have been orphaned during the war so that they may grow to be productive, nurtured adults. Aid organizations have provided funds to build hospitals, orphanages and schools to help promote the health and well-being of children in need.
Empowering Women
Not only are many organizations providing assistance for children in Afghanistan, they are also creating programs and services designed to empower women. In 2010, $30,000 was provided by the Bayat Foundation to BPeace, Justice for All Organization and Women for Women International, all programs that work for women’s rights and growth in the country.
Afghan Trusted Network
Through a partnership with the Bayat Foundation and the Afghan Symposium for Humanitarian and Leadership Engagement in 2009, the Afghan Trusted Network was created to encourage collaboration between humanitarian organizations designed to improve the lives of women and children in Afghanistan. The organization has helped launch clinics, burn centers, reconstructive surgery clinics and many other services designed to promote the well-being of all citizens in Afghanistan. Through collaboration with partners such as Dyncorp International and many more, to provide the services needed by the people of Afghanastan. The partners do more than just provide funding as they also offer their expertise in areas where the people of Afghanistan need the most assistance, such as security, education and healthcare.
The Bayat Foundation is just one of the many excellent organizations that are helping the women and children of Afghanistan grow and thrive after decades of war. Although the rebuilding of infrastructure in the war-torn country is critical, the need to provide services is equally important. Many charitable organizations work diligently to help build the country back to its former glory while also providing life-saving necessities to all who are in need after such a long period of war, something that most countries have never experienced.
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