Assamese online Monthly Magazines & Website Address

Assamese online Monthly Magazines & Website Address

Assamese Arts and Culture
Both the Assamese arts and the culture are enriched since the earliest days. People are carrying the art forms through the heredity and they respect it too. The major art forms in Assam are –
• Handloom Weaving
• Jewelry making
• Cane and bamboo works
• Painting
• Mat making
• Brass and bell making
• Pottery works
• Woodworks
• Fiber weaving
On other hand, Assam is enriched with the traditional Assamese and the tribal cultures. The major major cultural ceremonies in Assam are –
• Husari and Bihunas
• Dhulia and Bhawariya
• Deodhani
• Zikirs
• Mohauhau or Mahkheda
• Apsara-Sabah

Here is a list of Assamese online Monthly Magazines:

1. Angana Website
2. Buniyad Website

3. Barnali Website
4. Bismoi:
5. Gongotri
6. Mouchaq
7. Protichabi Website

8. Pragyan Website
9. Priyo Sakhi Website
10. RONGMON Website
11. Sofura Website

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