Assamese Online Dictionary and Books & Website Address

Assamese Online Dictionary and Books & Website Address

Assamese Society
Assam is the place where the traditional cultures and the modern values are fused in a very nice manner. The people of Assam are known to be very much friendly to the guests outside Assam and India. This is one of the main reasons behind the improvement of Assam in field of travel and tourism. The Assamese are popular in showing respect to the tradition and the history of the state. The orders of the elders and the family mean a lot to the people of Assam. Females are given due respect in the family. Education becomes one of the most important things in Assamese society.

List of Important Websites on Dictionary and Books:
1. A history of Assam by Edward Gait Website

2. Ahom Dictionary Resource Project Dr. Stephen Morey, Project Director Website
3. Digital Dictionary Website
4. XOBDO-Dictionary of the languages of the North East Website
5. Xopon Jibanor Website

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