Assamese Magazines Online and Website Address

Assamese Magazines Online and Website Address

The print media in Assam is quite strong in these days. One can find lots of magazines of various different categories based on the taste of people. You can find magazines in Assam in various languages including Assamese, Hindi, English or Bengali. The first ever business magazine from the Northeastern India called Business North East Magazine is published from Assam only. Among the literary magazines, The Eclectic, Satsori, Prantik, Damol, Gorima, Swasthya, and Norun Podatik are the famous one. Some other popular magazines in Assam are – Nandini, Maya, Romance, Bismoi, Jeevan, Natun Srijan, Bigyan Surabhi, Notun Aviskar, Sophura and mouchaq etc.

Here is a list of Websites on Assamese Magazines:

1. Anubhab Website
2. A magazine Website
3. Anweson Website
4. A Positive Voice Website
5. Ami Asomiya Website
6. Asian Views Website
7. Assamese Poetry in Assamese Language Website
8. Enajori Website
9. Friends Website
10. Fehujali Website
11. Gonit Sora Website
12. Lakhimpur Online Website
13. Modern Assamese Poets Website
14. MARAM Website
15. Nila Charai Website
16. Pratibimba Website
17. Seuji Dharani Website
18. Social Science Researcher Website
19. SPONDON Website
20. 7 sisters Website
21. Sristir Jiligoni Website
22. The Sunday Indian Assamese Website
23. The Thumb Print Website
24. The MindSpace Website
25. Xahitya – Literature from Assam in Unicode Website

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