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Must do medical tests for better health

Must do medical tests for better health It is undoubtedly good if you follow good workout schedule every day, maintains healthy eating habits and take your daily dose of vitamins, but at the same time it is also important to perform medical tests for better health. Check out the lit of must do medical tests

Best exercises for sore muscles

Best exercises for sore muscles What is the first thing we do when we wake up with problem of stiff neck or body ache? We end up cancelling our fitness program! But do you actually know that when you are in pain, exercising really helps in killing the pain and recovering sooner. Check out some

Why yoga is important for better health

Why yoga is important for better health Hey girls and guys, you all would be glad to read that yoga is more than just an exercise. It is an emotional and physiological process that strengthens your body in a great way. If you perform yoga regularly in your lifestyle, then you can easily ward off

Tips to prevent monsoon illness

Tips to prevent monsoon illness Rainwater streams down streets during monsoons wherever it rains! Working people, school going kids, college youngsters and even people staying at home have to walk over this water at least once in every few days. Number of water borne diseases occurs during monsoons and it is very important to get

Tips for sexy skin

Tips for sexy skin For achieving nice sex appeal both men and women needs to have healthy and glowing skin. We often forget to pay equal importance to skin care and overlook its importance and fail to add sexiness to your skin and overall looks. As we start growing in age, our skin starts losing

Tips for monsoon makeup

Tips for monsoon makeup It is true that monsoon weather plays a spoilsport especially when you have to go for a date. But worry not! Check out the tips for monsoon makeup written below in the article! Avoid using foundation during monsoons as it can get you into a messy situation. Try out liquid face

Causes of beer belly fat

Causes of beer belly fat In obese people, the belly becomes pot-shaped which is known as beer belly. It is also called as apple shaped obesity. Men suffer from beer belly fat in larger number in comparison to women. Beer belly fat occurs due to number of reasons. Consumption of beer is one such reason.

Best weight loss tips for women

Best weight loss tips for women Women are more obsessed with their body weight and overall looks in comparison to men. They believe that slim and trim body would definitely provide them right looks. So even if you are also searching the right way to lose body weight and to gain that perfect shape, then

Mahalaya heralds the arrival of goddess Durga on earth

Mahalaya Mahalaya is an auspicious occasion for Bengali people. This is observed seven days before the starting of the famous Durga Puja festival in West Bengal. Mahalaya heralds the arrival of goddess Durga on earth. She is considered as the goddess of supreme strength as she was able to kill the fierce Mahishasura when the

Durga Puja Celebrations, Traditions, Rituals and Mythology

Durga Puja Celebrations According to historians Durga Puja was celebrated from 12th century. In earlier days this was a festival for the rich and the powerful. But now it has a cosmopolitan nature. Though it is celebrated by the people belonging to Hindu religion all over the world some countries have special celebrations. India, Bangladesh