Durga Puja Pandals of Silchar – 2013 puja update

Durga Puja Pandals of Silchar – 2013 puja update

Invocation to Durga heralds the three day holy festival

SILCHAR, October 10: After days of sun and shower in the midst of interplay of light and shade and the continual cloudy weather, it was a perfect ambiance as if set by nature herself for the holy Puja to begin. Under a bright and sunny sky the valley of Barak came alive with all smiles and holiness and the decorated pandals today became the homes of Goddess Durga. The artisans at last have the satisfaction that the idols are inside the sanctum–sanctorum of the pandals. In fact, from the day of ‘Panchami’, the aura of festivity and the joy and enthusiasm of people across the rural and urban areas of the valley mingled together to get ready for the greatest Hindu festival of the east and eastern India.

Arup Nandi3Today being ‘Sasthi’, a prelude to the Durga Puja, with the installation of Goddess Durga and other Gods and Goddesses in the pandals, the priests in accordance with the holy rites and rituals, hymns and recitation from the scriptures infused the spirit in the idols and invoked the Goddess. With that began the holy festival. The beating of drums accompanied with the sounds of cymbals created a sublime and serene environ. The devotees and the visitors alike began to crowd the pandals.

It was also the time for the politicians to make a beeline, of course, at the invitation of Puja committees to cut the red ribbons and inaugurate the celebration. This however was limited to some Puja pandals only as they had been blessed with donations. After all, they are the big budget Pujas in this town. Mention has to be made of Mitali Sangha, Bilpar Durgabari, Dakhin Bilpar, Tarun Club, Rakhi Sangha, Ananda Parishad, Tarapur Motor Stand, Kalimohan Road, Tarapur Rice Mill, Subhasnagar College Road, College Road Vivekananda Road, Madhya Sahar Sanskritik Samiti among others.

The Puja that has come to hog the limelight is of Udharband Kalibari Road Sarbajanin Puja Committee, 12 km from here. According to the organizers, the total budget for this Puja is Rs 50 lakh and the pandal has been built on the model of ISKCON of London with a height of 111 feet. The uniqueness of the Durga idol is that it is made of 27 kinds of uncounted shells without any embellishment or ornamentation. It will be a natural setting. Quite attractive is the illumination not only of the pandal but of the entire VIP route from Rongpur, the other side of river Barak facing this town, to the entrance of the venue of the Puja celebration.

In the border town of Karimganj, Youth Square Puja, just at the entrance of Railway Gate is the centre of attraction for pandal hoppers and devotees. The special things to mention about this Puja is that the idol of Durga is made of coconut, its outer shells, branches and twigs. Apart from all the glitter and glamour of lighting, the pandal has been designed and textured on the architectural model of South Indian temples, though the organizers say it is imaginary but distinctive enough to claim a place of recognition. And all this with a budget of Rs 14 lakh.

The artisans who have put in all their imagination and art to make the idol are from Nabadweep. A notable feature of Youth Square Puja is the cultural bonanza in which artistes and singers from West Bengal, Tripura and Bangladesh participate, apart from the local.

Though Hailakandi is a small town and also lagging behind in many aspects, there is no dearth of big budget Pujas. On the frontline are Yuva Samiti, Tarun Sangha and Club Jagarani organized Pujas which have their own ways to celebrate the holy festival. Yuva Samiti has as its president Gautom Roy, Minister of PHE, and secretary Rahul Roy, ex–MLA. Started by their father Santosh Kumar Roy, the son duo continue the family tradition of worship which has taken the shape of community Puja.

It is 70–year–old that will be illuminated in its own grand manner with the themes ranging from the life of a farmer on the field to the various social aspects. The model of the pandal will be of ancient kingly place. The whole atmosphere will be enlivened by ‘boul sangeet’, the traditional rural song of Bengal. And the singers will be from the land of Bengal. Source: The Sentinel