Durga Puja Celebrations in Chennai, Madras Tamil Nadu

Durga Puja in Chennai, Tamil Nadu 

Durga Puja, an auspicious occasion of Bengali community is celebrated not only in the eastern part of our country, India but over the years it has changed its colors and today it has become a cosmopolitan event.  It is conducted in almost every part of the country at present. Durga Puja is conducted with great joy and fun in Chennai. A good number of Bengali associations throughout Chennai conducts puja every year and promotes the spirit of festivity, brotherhood and harmony among different communities apart from Bengalis.

The prabashi Bengalis residing in Chennai takes great initiative to conduct Durga Puja in beautifully decorated pandals. During this time, the Bengalis gather in these pandals to perform community puja and perform a number of cultural programmes. These puja pandals serve free bhog i.e. a special Bengali cuisine to everybody who comes to seek blessings from Goddess Durga.

Durga Puja is celebrated in Chennai in T.Nagar, Anna Nagar, Besant Nagar, Madras Kalibari, Avadi Kolathur, Airport Authority Colony etc.