Siddheswar H.S. School, Katigorah, Cachar, Assam

By | February 3, 2014

Siddheswar H.S. School, Katigorah, Cachar, Assam.

Siddheswar Shib-Bari has its own history. Long ago it was established on the left bank of the Barak River. Once upon a time a saint named Kapil sat in meditation there and one day he attained divine grace in “Shotobisha Modhukrishna Trayodashi Tithi”. To commemorate this holiest moment every year on this particular lunar day holy bath and a mella Baruni-Mella is being arranged on the right shore of the river. Some enlightened people of Katigorah thought to start a school there and this noble intention they started to collect subscription donation etc from the gatherings who would come for bath and business also. With the help of it, they finally materialized their dream by establish an M.E School in 1899 on the donated land of Sri Rajkul Mandal and other’s on the western side of the Katigorah market. Since the school was established based on collection, donation etc. from Siddheswar Baruni Melia the school was entitled as Siddheswar M.E. School. Then, after a long time, with the effort of some diligent persons of the locality this M.E. School was upgraded as high school on 29thy day of April 1946. Sri Gyanendra Nath was appointed as the first Head Master of the school. In the same that is in 1946 year the school received Adhoc-grant. Then, on the 1st day of October 1956 the school was taken under Deficit System Grant Aid. Later, the school was provincialised in 1977. This school was further upgraded as H.S. School on 29th February 1996.Now the school is a full-fledged institution having its all necessary requisities.

 Principal’s Desk

In this age of technological innovation & advancement, one cannot think of life bereft of gadgets, computers etc. Indeed, technology has revolutionised human way of working and living. Internet, a gift of modern technology, has brought about radical changes in the spheres of communication, education, health, business etc. Over the years, it has turned into the richest repository of knowledge & information and the most convenient mode of disseminating ideas and information.

To tap the advantages and potentialities of the state-of-art technology, our school has embarked on opening up the official website of the school under the initiative ‘MP Lab 2012-13’ at the behest of Mr. Kabindra Purakayastha, Hon’ble Member of Parliament. This dedicated website aims at providing information related to the rich history, culture, heritage and achievements of the school. I sincerely hope that this site will be a perfect platform for the students and teachers to quench their insatiable thirst of knowledge and to enrich themselves by exchanging ideas with the rest of the world even by sitting at the remotest part of this region.

Finally, I convey my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Kabindra Purakayastha and other people who have worked hand in hand with a missionary zeal to translate this long cherished dream of the people of this locality into reality. I also thank my dynamic colleagues and vivacious students for their gracious support, co-operation and encouragement.

Sajal Kumar Dey
Principal (i/c)