Niranjan Paul Institute, Silchar

By | February 6, 2014

Niranjan Paul Institute, Silchar

Niranjan Paul Institute was established on 1st January 1961. Its birth name was Jubilee High School.

Niranjan Paul Institute 1On 18th Dec. 1960, a strong public Committee Consisting of 27 members was constituted to establish a new high School in
Southern part of Silchar Town, the result of which Jubilee High School was established in 1961.

In 1963, the School had received “Adhoc Grant”.
In 1974, the School received “Deficit Grant”.

On 21st April, 1967, the ex-Student of this institute Niranjan Paul had died in an air-crash. After his death, his mother
Bindu Bashi Paul and elder brother, Nibaran Ch. Paul had donated Thirty Thousand Rupees (Rs.30, 000/-) to Commemorate
Niranjan Paul. The Jubilee High School renamed as Niranjan Paul Institute since July 1970.

On 1st Oct, 1977, this institute was provincialised by the Government of Assam.
On 26th and 27th Sept, 2012, the School celebrated its Golden Jubilee in a befitting manner.