Lakhipur Municipal Board (Lakhipur Municipality Board)

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Lakhipur Municipal Board (Lakhipur Municipality Board)


Lakhipur is the district Sub-Divisional head quarter town of Lakhipur Sub-Division under Cachar District in the state of Assam. Lakhipur Town is 33 KM from District headquarter Silchar and it is flanked by river Barak on the south and river Chiri on the north, Lakhipur Town Committee was constituted in 1960 with four wards. These wards were further revised to ten wards in 1999. Total area of the town is approximately 7 Square Kilometers.

lakhipur templeHISTORICAL BACKGROUND :- An ancient town of the erstwhile Kosari Kingdom, Lakhipur since long was a business centre for Cachar, Manipuri, Lusai hills (Mizoram) and Burma in the pre-independence era. Reputation of Lakhipur had spread up to West Bengal and Orissa in the Indian mainland and even to China. During the 1st Burmese War (1824 – 1826), Captain Pamberton established a Border outpost around which the present town area is situated . Lakhipur as the name suggests ( Lakhi or Lakshmi – the Goddess of wealth and pur – own) was once a thriving centre for business and commerce and the biggest pargana of Cachar with an area of 105 square Miles consisting of 92 Talukas. Revenue generated by this pargana was around Rs. 30200 during 1826. Lakhipur’s lifeline was its hilly road , which links Silchar, the present district headquarter of Cachar District with the kingdom of Manipur. During Huensang’s visit to India this was a majar route for India’s business with Burma and China. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s disciple Santidas Goswami came from Nabadweep in West Bengal and went to Manipur via this route for spreading the vaisnavite movement. During 1871 – 1872, the Commissioner of Cachar District John Edgar had suggested to the Government of India to construct a road linking Lakhipur with Chattagram in Bengal (Now Bangladesh) and Rangoon in Burma. According to his report the distance from Lakhipur to the Burmese border was only 192 Kilometer. This proposal is presently being raised by the state government and is under consideration for incorporation. Indian Steamer Company used to operate steamer services from Kolkata to Lakhipur way back in 1835. Although the town has lost much of its vibrancy and trade and commerce at present is only a shadow of its glorious past but the town and its suburbs still are an important place for commerce in the district.

LOCATION ASPECTS :- Lakhipur town is located at 24° 48′ 0′ N, latitude and 93° 1′ 12′ E longitude. The town is situated at a distance of 383 Kilometers south east of Dispur, Guwahati, the state capital of Assam.

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS :- Various physical characteristics of Lakhipur town are described below in a tabular form

Table 1 – 1, Physical Characteristics of Lakhipur Town.

Topography: Mostly flat with a few small hillocks on the eastern side
Temperature: 32° C (maximum), 10°C (minimum)
Extreme Months: August (hottest), December (coldest)
Humidity: 80% (maximum)
Rainfall: 2634.4MM with 144 rainy days
Monsoon: May to September

500;500 (7)COMMUNICATION AND LINKAGES :- Lakhipur town is connected by NH – 53 from Silchar and Manipur. Nearest railway station is Sribar which is 5 Kilometers from the town. Distance to Kumbhirgram Airport is 40 Kilometers via Silchar and a shorter route through Dewan Tea Estate is 16 Kilometers to the Airport from Lakhipur town.

LITERACY :- As per the year 2001 census report, male literacy rate of the town is 94.56% and the female rate of literacy of the town is 80.70% corresponding to the district urban figures of 91.09% and 82.23% for male and female respectively. The total literacy rate of the town is 87.8% compared to state urban figure of 85.76%.

ECONOMIC BASE :- The surrounding area of Lakhipur is fertile and the town along with its suburbs produces large quantities of pineapples besides rice and other vegetables. The town itself is a thriving market for horticultural products. There is ample scope for setting up fruit and vegetable processing units in the area.

DEVELOPMENT PLAN :- Department of Town and Country Planning, Assam, is processing the Master Plan of Lakhipur Town, Cachar.

POPULATION :- As per the year 2001 census report , the population figure is 9708.
The percentage decadal growth for 1991 – 2001 was 159.50%. This higher figure of percentage decadal growth seems to be due the two up – gradations during 1991 to 2001. As such the decadal growth rate 36.24% of state urban population is considered for calculating projected population. On the basis of these figures, the population of Lakhipur Town may be projected at 13226 in the year 2011 and 18019 in the year 2021.

Physical and Socio – Economic Infrastructure

Existing Physical Infrastructure :- The existing physical infrastructure of Lakhipur Town is summarized as below
A. Housing Status :- As per the records available with the Lakhipur Municipal Board, there are 2225 numbers of households in Lakhipur.
B. Road Network :- The road network of Lakhipur Town is partially developed. There is only one main road that runs through the center of the town. Other roads in the residential areas are to be developed.

500;500 (8)Water Supply :- Lakhipur Town has three Water supply Plants located at Lakhipur Town Ward No-I, Ward No-6 and Ward No-10 respectively whose intake is from river Barak on the south of the town. Two Plants jointly monitored by Public Health Engineering Departmrnt, Assam and Lakhipur Municipal Board. One Plant located at Ward No-10 jointly monitored by Public Health Engineering Department and Public Committee. At present, there are 760 nos. house connections & hydrants at various public areas. Remaining population of approximately 4000 people of the town & extended suburb do not have any piped water supply facility. In this connection, rendering better services to the townships, Lakhipur Municipal Board has undertaken scheme under UIDSSMT of JNNURM for construction of water supply Plant and the work is going on at present. Hope, in near future the problem of water supply will be mitigated.

D. Drainage & Sewerage :- Lakhipur Municipal Board has undertaken the projects under UIDSSMT Scheme for proper improvement of Drainage system and the work is going on and near future the problem of Drainage will be mitigated.

E. Electricity :- Assam State Electricity Board has 2000 numbers of enlisted users including 1200 numbers of domestic connections and 800 numbers of commercial connections.

Existing Socio :- Economic Infrastructure : Lakhipur town’s Existing Socio-economic infrastructure is summarized below

A. Educational Institutions :- Lakhipur town has 2 numbers of degree level colleges. 1 number of higher secondary school, 5 numbers of high schools, 5 numbers of Middle English Schools and 6 numbers of Lower Primary schools. There are 2 numbers private English Medium high schools and 3 numbers private English Medium Schools up to Class IV standard. Together these educational Institutions are sufficient for the present population.

B. Hospitals :- There is at present one number 10 – bedded Public Health Center ; one Sub – Health Center and one mobile dispensary in the town . There is a private clinic called “Emanuel Clinical Center” 6 kilometer from the town center that is rendering service to the people .

C. Government Offices and major establishments :- Various government offices situated in Lakhipur are Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil), Circle Office, Sub-Divisional Police Office, Sub-Divisional Information and Public Relation Office, Sub-Divisional Agricultural Office, Assistant Executive Engineer – Assam State Electricity Board, Sub-Divisional Fishery Office, Block Development Office, Election Office, Project Office, – NFAE, Superintendent Food and Civil Supply, Range Forest Office, Inspector of Labour, Inspector of Handloom and Textiles, Sub Registrar, Sub – Divisional Engineer – Bharat Sansar Nigam Limited, Sub Post Offices in Lakhipur & Fulertal, Central Water Commission – Investigation Centre, Khadi & Village Production Centre, Integrated Child Development Scheme Project, Barak Valley Hill Tribes Development Council, Veterinary Dispensary, Superintendent Customs and Central Excise and Fire Station.

D. Financial institutions :- The town of Lakhipur as well as the surrounding area is served by three numbers of nationalized banks namely United Bank of India – Lakhipur, State Bank of India, Lakhipur and Central Bank of India – Fulertal.

E. Markets :- Lakhipur town has two numbers of daily markets, one of which is operated by the M.B. There are also two numbers of daily markets and these same markets serve as the venues for bi – weekly markets where the business is of larger volume and vendors from the surrounding areas of the town and also from Manipur participate.

F. Play Ground :- Lakhipur town has only one major playground.

G. Police Station :- Lakhipur town has one police station.

H.Telephone Exchange :- Lakhipur telephone exchange has allotted at least 875 nos of connection at present.

I. Recreational Facility :- Lakhipur Municipal Board is going to construct Recreational Centre under 10% Pool Fund.

J. Cremation and Burial Grounds :- There is three numbers each of cremation and burial grounds in Lakhipur.

3. Present Schemes and Programs :- Lakhipur Municipal Board has undertaken various schemes under UIDSSMT, 10% Pool Fund, BRGF, 12th Finance, IDSMT and SJSRY Schemes and Low Cost Sanitation Programme which is 60% completed and 40% works are going on. Lakhipur Municipal Board is also Monitoring NSAP including Kalpataru etc time to time.

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