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Table Tennis Club, Udharbond, Cachar, Assam

Table Tennis Club, Udharbond, Cachar, Assam Two decade back, few young guys introduced with a completely new kind of games & sports. That was Table Tennis. And the place is a remote part of this country. It’s a semi town-semi rural area. Udharbond. The place is in the middle of the Silchar town and Silchar… Read More »

Silchar Polo Club and the origins of Polo in Manipur

From Sagol Kangjei to Polo – Recording the evolution of the game in Manipur The game of Polo is said to have originated in ancient Persia around 5th century BC and passed on to other parts of Asia including the Indian subcontinent over the years. However, the beginnings of Polo in the modern age and… Read More »

First Ever Polo Club of the World – Silchar, Assam

First Ever Polo Club of the World – Silchar, Assam The town Silchar of Assam has a great essence for the Polo lovers from all around the world. Actually, the first ever polo club in the world was established by the British in this small town only. Most importantly, the modern polo in competitive was… Read More »

Satindra Mohan Dev Stadium (DSA-Silchar)

Satindra Mohan Dev Stadium (DSA-Silchar) Satindra Mohan Dev Stadium is located at Silchar town of Assam and it has a multipurpose use. Though it is used for lots of games, the major games played here are cricket and football. This stadium has a capacity of 22000 crowds. Actually, this stadium was built with minimum facilities… Read More »

District Sports Association (D.S.A. Silchar)

District Sports Association (D.S.A. Silchar)  District Sports Association (D.S.A. Silchar) is the largest stadium in the North East India. It was renamed as Satindra Mohan Dev Memorial Stadium. Every year many national and state cricket tournament as well as other sporting activities are organized at the DSA ground. 

Oasis Club (Silchar)

Oasis Club Oasis club is a South Bilpar based club that organizes various cultural programs as well as sports activities in Silchar town. This club organizes different sports activities like Cricket tournament, Chess and Badminton competitions etc. This club has also been noted for organizing a number of cultural and musical programs in its locality,… Read More »

Cachar Distrist Chess Association (CDCA)

Cachar Distrist Chess Association (CDCA) Affiliated with All Assam Chess Association, the Cachar District Chess Association, (Town Club, Silchar) is a District Chess Association. The last meeting of the Executive Committee Body of Cachar Distrist Chess Association was held at Town Club, Silchar.