Tourist Places in Karimganj district, Assam

By | February 26, 2013

Tourist Places in Karimganj district, Assam 

Karimganj is blessed from the beauty of nature. If you visit the place you will find an ideal backdrop of green hills formed by the Adamail, Duhalia and Chhatachura ranges. The landscape becomes even more beautiful in Karimganj in the presence of the rivers like Longai, Singla, Barak and Kushiara. Karimganj twon is actually located on the bank of Kushiara River. Karimganj district is very important from the political scenario as it shares above 90 kilometers of International border of India. Karimganj is connected to Meghalaya and Tripura states via NH-44. Again the district is connected to Silchar via NH-53. NH-151 is under construction in the district to help the district to connect with Bangladesh and improve the international trade acts of India. The nearest railway station Badarpur is about 23 Kilometers away and the nearest airport to Karimganj is Kumbhirgram, near Silchar.

Son Beel:
The place Son Beel is very famous as the largest wetland of Karimganj district and southern Assam as well. The presence of the hills at the east and west of Son Beel, creates a poster-like landscape. But unfortunately, the size of this wetland is reducing with the help of some bad and corrupted people. If proper conservation measures are taken regarding this wetland, it will draw a significant amount of tourists. Most interestingly, Shingla River passes through this Beel. You will find another wetland near Son beel named as Rata beel. Here the river Shingla bifurcates into Kakra and Kochua – two different rivers.

Malegarh Crematorium of Sepoy Mutini Soldiers:
It is considered as a historic place. During the time of the Sepoy Mutiny (or the Great Revolt) of 1857, more than 50 warriors sacrificed their great lives. They were cremated at the place named Malegarh in the district of Karimganj. It was a place of the district Sylhet of Bangladesh earlier before the independence of India.

Akbarpur – Agriculture Research Centre:
Indian government established an agriculture research center at Akbarpur to produce the grains of improved quality. The institute provides the training on the agriculture and acts as a helping hand for the farmers.

Suterkandi-Indo-Bangladesh Border (International Trade center):
Suterkandi is famous for having an international trade center. Moreover there is an international border of India and Bangladesh too. India exports the materials like coal, fruits and Silicon to Bangladesh through this space.

Badarpurghat-Historical fort:
If you don’t visit the historic fort of Badarpurghat, built by the British, your Karimganj visit will remain incomplete. This fort is situated at Badarpur Ghat, the bank of the River Barak, and is only 25 kilometers away from Karimganj town.

Panchgram-Cacher Paper mill:
There is a paper mill at the Hailakandi District named Panchgram Cachar paper mill. It is only 30 kilometers away from Karimganj district and a huge amount of paper is produced at that mill in daily basis. In fact, this mill is the largest paper producer in the whole of Asia.

Eolabari Karimganj-Tea Estate:
If you are looking for a place to spend this weekend in peace, then this place will surely be the best choice for you because of its scenic beauty. It is just 15 kilometers away from the city and situated at Karimganj Facuwa Road.

Khashpur – Palace of Kachari Rajas: (Cachar)
Kashpur is a historic place too. While visiting this place you should visit the palace of Kachari Kings. There is a fantastic tea estate and in Kashpur too. Geographically, it is about 85 kilometers away from Karimganj town.