Tips on Finding the Best Cheap Hotels While Travelling

By | May 29, 2012

Tips on Finding the Best Cheap Hotels While Travelling

In the current economic climate, booking a holiday is often seen as an expensive luxury. But with a little planning, some effort and a bit of research, you can find great deals on flights and hotels to book the perfect holiday on a budget.

Use the Internet to Your Advantage
The internet should become your best friend when it comes to shopping for a cheap hotel for family vacations or adventure travel. Online, you will find a multitude of different websites promising you ways to save money when booking your accommodation. Comparison sites will allow you to obtain rates from different hotels without having to visit lots of individual hotel websites. Each comparison site works differently and suggests a variety of discounts and offers to suit you.

If you are brave and not too fussy about where you stay, some websites offer huge discounts on ‘anonymous’ room bookings – where you book into, say, a 4-Star hotel, without the name being revealed. On some occasions, you won’t learn the name of your hotel until the day you are due to check in!

Many of these comparison sites also serve as engines to book separate aspects of your holiday (for example your flight, hotel and transfers) at a discounted rate. Almost all of the comparison, packages and secret hotel sites will offer rooms at a much cheaper price than the hotel’s own price list and website.

Take care though, lots of these discounted websites won’t allow you to receive a refund of any monies paid, should you need to cancel the booking.

Leaving it Late
If you are prepared to leave your booking until the last minute, you may be able to book your hotel room at a hefty discount. This will mean that you have to be flexible with the area and type of hotel you wish to travel to. These late details are usually available on a host of websites, as well as travel agents and directly from some hotels.

Look Into Promotional Offers and Voucher Codes
Lots of hotels and companies offer voucher codes and promotional offers if you travel on certain dates. Again, look out for these online and sign up to their mailing lists.

Air Miles and Points
Collecting air miles or points on credit cards and even store loyalty cards can allow you to book cheap or even free accommodation with partner hotels.

Cash Back Offers
Keep an eye out for websites offering you cash back when you book through their website. This can be anything up to 5%, just for clicking a link on their website.

Travel Outside of Peak Times
School holidays and the summer months are always the most expensive times to book both hotels and flights. If you don’t have school-aged children, or if you are taking part in an adult only adventure holiday, you may be able to get a great price just by travelling at a different time of year.

So, when reserving a hotel room, be prepared to shop around. Compare prices and be internet savvy and you are certain to find a cheap hotel and a bargain holiday. When it comes to saving on your hotel room booking, a little work goes a long way.

Gabrielle Nicholls is a travel writer specializing in adventure travel and money saving. Nicholls writes for a number of travel websites and blogs and enjoys travelling, especially family vacations with her partner and small children.