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Festivals of Tripura

Festivals of Tripura The people of Tripura celebrate both cultural and religious festivals with same enthusiasm and joyness. Some of the famous festivals of Tripura include • Ganga Puja • Durga Puja in Tripura • Kharchi Puja • Garia Puja • And Tripura Tourism Festival The main features of festivals of Tripura Whether the festival… Read More »

Festivals of Sikkim

Festivals of Sikkim The festivals and celebration of Sikkim are more like Singapore and all their celebrations are completely depend on their three ethnic races, the Bhutia, the Lepchas and the Nepalese. All their festivals reflect their rich cultural heritage and tradition. Even different races have different festivals, the celebration is common to all, and… Read More »

Festivals of Nagaland

Festivals of Nagaland Being a land of festivals, the people of Nagaland are always excited about their festival and they celebrate all their feasts with great fervency and honor. Majority of the population of Nagaland are agrarians, so, most of their festivals are completed revolve around agriculture. Nagaland is place which is also famous for… Read More »

Festivals of Meghalaya

Festivals of Meghalaya The festivals of Meghalaya are grandly celebrated by the Garos and the Khasis. Basically this land holds many different festivals throughout the year and all the festivals have its own way of celebrations and feasts. These festivals bring the people of Meghalaya together. The two most important festivals of Garos is the… Read More »

Festivals of Mizoram

Festivals of Mizoram Festivals are the most important attractions of Mizoram as these festivals reflect the fertile bliss of the place. Most of the festivals of Mizoram are celebrated in the harvest seasons and the people of Mizoram celebrate these festivals in an enthusiastic way with colorful blend of feasts, dances, and music. The Mizos… Read More »