Music and Dance of Tripura

By | December 24, 2011

Music and Dance of Tripura

Tripura is a land of music and dance. All their festivals and celebrations are filled with varieties with dance and music. As Tripura is the land of several tribal communities. And each community has its own culture and as their culture and tradition, their music and dance are also unique. The music and dance of the tribal communities are really a virtual treat for all visitors around the world.

Here are some of the famous music and dances of Tripura

Music for Tripuris reflects the rich culture of India; their life mostly revolves around the music. Music plays an essential role among the people of Tripura. As their dance, their music also holds many varieties and style. Each dance of Tripuris has its own music.

Some of the tralatitious and unique musical instruments of Tripura include Sarinda, Sumui, Chongpreng and Dundoo.

Garai Dance: This is dance which is performed during the Garia festival. This wonderful dance performance is conducted to please the deity ‘Goria’ for high yielding harvest. They

Boomani Dance: This dance festival comes during the monsoon reason. The dance festival is famous among tribal youths as they perform this dance to catch the colorful insects named ‘Lebang’. The male dancers with the help of two bamboo chips make a peculiar rhythmic sound and the role of the womenfolk is to run seesawing in the hill slopes to grab those Lebang insects. It is one of the colorful festivals of Tripuris.

Bizy Dance: This dance is performed by the people of the Chakma community and Bizy means – Chaitra-Sankranti, that is, the end of Bengali calendar. This particular festival is celebrated to welcome the New Year. ‘Khenggarang’ and ‘Dhukuk’ are the two musical instruments used for this dance.

Hai-Hak Dance: The Halam community performs this dance to celebrate their harvesting season.

Wangala Dance: This dance is performed to celebrate the good harvest.