Music and Dance of Manipur

By | December 24, 2011

Music and Dance of Manipur

Manipur is a state which is famous for many things and aspects; one of the most prestigious among them is Manipuri. Manipuri is a form of dance which is very famous and known as India’s one of the major classical dance. This dance is an integral part of Manipuris which reflects their religious and social fabric and this dance is mostly performed during festivals in the temples. Since, the Manipuri dance was performed and presented on the stage in the early years of 20th century. This dance might be modern or folk dance or classic or anything but it is completely devotional in nature and this dance is fully related to Hindu deities Krishna and Radha, and the people who perform this dance will be dressed as radha and krishna. Most of the performances of this dance demonstrate the different composition and incidents of Radha and Krishna as they are main charaters of this religious dance.

The orthodox style of Manipuri dance incarnates lyrical, graceful and delicate movements which will be a real treaty of our eyes. This dance only has many rounded movements and also avoids any sharp edges, bucks, or straight line movements. The movements of this dance are the specialty in this dance as these movements of Manipuri dance gives undulating, divine and soft appearance.

Here are some of the Manipur’s most famous dance forms

Khamba Thoibi Dance: In this dance form both men and women are participated and it is performed to honour the sylvan deity.

Maibi Dance: This dance is performed during Lai-Haraoba festival.

Cymbal Dance or Nupa Pala: This unique dance is especially for men and they all dance with cymbals.

Ras Lila: This dance form is very famous among Manipur people and it is usually performed in the temples.

Pung Cholom: This is a classic dance of Manipur.

The Manipuris musical accompaniment for their dance comes from different instruments, some of them include a percussion instrument Pung, pena and flute. And Dhob and Napi Pala are the Manipuris two famous music.