Museums of Meghalaya

By | December 24, 2011

Museums of Meghalaya

Meghalaya museums exhibit the two most adorable features of North-Eastern state of India they are, the exquisite tribal cultures and the fantastic wildlife. These museums also hold many artistic and ritualistic aspects which attracts all the people whoever visit. The Meghalaya museums give respect and great importance to the partisans of history and natural science.

Meghalaya Museums of Ethnic Interest

Most of the museums of Meghalaya are specialize in the display of various stuffs which are inherent to the tribal life of the two important communities of Meghalaya, the Garos and the Khasis. These museums not only specialize in showing historical and ethnic objects but also specialize in exhibiting objects of which represent the simple life of tribes, like jewelries, masks, tobacco boxes, totems, and baskets and many more in the list.

Here are the museums of Meghalaya

The State Museum of Meghalaya
This museum displays the lifestyle and living environment of tribes, their weapons and instruments used for hunting, fishing appliances, transport equipment, agricultural implements, utilitarian implements such as pots, water jug, baskets, spoons, tobacco box and so on.

Tribal Research Institute
This museum exhibits the colourful textiles of Meghalaya, especially the garments worn by the tribal and local people, shawls, totems and masks, wooden and bone images, arms and domestic objects, like baskets and jewelry.

Botanical Garden & Museum
This museum is situated exactly in the Shillong city and it exhibits many plant species and all aspects related to plants. You can also find some rare species and varieties of plants here, especially orchid varieties.

Arunachal Pradesh Museum
This museum is located in the city of Shillong. Here you can find many recherché items of the state, Arunachal Pradesh. It is a real treat for visitors.

Butterfly Museum
This museum is famous for its numerous varieties of butterflies. All those butterflies are very colorful and their patterns are really adorable.