From surfing to fishing at Bocas del Toro, Isla Colon

By | March 17, 2015

From surfing to fishing at Bocas del Toro, Isla Colon

For many surfers and snorkelers, the welcoming shores of the Bocas del Toro travel destination is a paradise. This capital stretch of land in the Caribbean West of Panama is certainly gifted with fascinating reefs that are perfect for scuba diving. More so, its shallow bays are also perfect for snorkeling where kids can start exploring the oceans and progress with more technical diving on other fascinating and professional dive sites. Bocas del Toro is strategically located on Isla Colon and the lifestyle is of course laid back.

11The pristine conditions of diving is primarily because of its relative ease of access. The only way to get there are via two main waypoints; either of which requires patience on your part. The first one is preferred by adventurers since you literally have to cut through the thick jungle of Chiriqui on a bus of course while the other is a bit easier from either a bus ride or a boat ride from the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. These rides are not going through paved highways like the ones you are used too; there will be plenty of dizzying rocking from left to right and so on. Nonetheless, your efforts will be rewarded with magnificent sceneries and relaxing beaches; well worth the journey.

The most popular snorkeling strips are found in the Bocas del Drago, Hospital Point, and the coral gardens at Isla Cristobal. You can also visit the fascinating Coral Cay or Cayo Crawl and the Cayos Zapatilla. These are scattered in the archipelago but you can relatively walk easily from one to another. When you do snorkel, try to find a complete package since you can steer the boat to any snorkeling sites since there are lots of crowds fighting for the best spots to the detriment of the fishes underwater. When this happens try to find other snorkeling sites; trust me there are plenty of sites littered in the tiny archipelago.

For scuba divers wanting to train their young to do the same sport if you may call it, Bocas del Toro simply shines for its value packages. Nonetheless, what truly matters is the breathtaking underwater paradise underneath calm waters that are perfect conditions for stunning diving. You can literally pick up a starfish examine its colors and pick up some more on the shallow shores. Children love walking around the shores and you will too especially for the couples looking for a romantic getaway. Take note that there are four prominent scuba operators, Bocas Water Sports, La Buga Dive and Surf, Starfleet Scuba, and Dutch Pirate. They all offer packages and competitive pricing and one cannot normally offer higher or lower prices so don’t try to argue.

The waves at Bocas del Toro are also excellent for surfing, some are even world class quality. For the beginner surfers, head to the Black Rock, Carenero and Wizard Beach on the Bastimentos Island; the waves here are relatively easy to ride but not sustainable for your precision surf stunts. For the big waves, head to the professional sites mostly in the town area where international competitions are also held.

Who says that fishing is a dead sport? Well, if you have something delicious to eat afterwards, it’s as alive as it can be. You can do great fishing off the waters of Bocas Del Toro which is perfect for fun time with friends. Try to find a good deal with the right boat operators; you will know the right one because they will not literally rip you off. Once you’re off the shore, have fun catching yellowfin tuna and other tasty fishes.

Have fun and don’t forget to bring your ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) Visa with you for an incredible and hassle free fun adventure.