Festivals of Manipur

By | December 24, 2011

Festivals of Manipur

Manipur is a land which is famous for its colorful festivities, filled with fun and frolic throughout the year. The cycle of festivals makes this land very busy all the time. The festivals of Manipur not only reveal the richness of their cultural, social and religious aspects but also help people to live a better and joyful life by removing the humdrum of life.

One of the most important festivals of Manipur includes the Dol Yatra or Holi which is very famous and it is celebrated all over India. This colorful festival comes in the month of March. Some of the other important festivals of Manipur are Rath Yatra or Car festival. This festival comes in June-July month of every year and Durga Puja which falls in September-October months. Manipuri Hindus usually celebrate the New Year Festival in the month of April.

General Festivals of Manipur

Yaoshang Festival
This is a premier festival which is celebrated for about five days and it begins from the full moon day of Phalguna that is the twelfth month of the Hindu calendar. A Manipuri folk dance, Thabal Chongba is preformed during this festival.

Kut Festival
This festival is celebrated by different tribes and it is a very happy occasion in which thanks giving feasts takes place. This festival is very attractive with songs and dances which delivers merriment and conviviality for all. This festival usually comes on 1st of November month.

Ningol Chakouba Festival
It is a social festival in which married women goes to their parental house with her children to enjoy the occasion and sumptuous feast. This festival also comes in the month of November.

Chumpha Festival
This festival is celebrated for a week in the December month. It is a great festival of the Tanghul Nagasand it comes soon after the harvest.
Pung Cholam, Gang-Ngai Festival, Christmas Festival, Cheiraoba Festival, Heikru Hitongba and Kang Festival are some of the other festivals of Manipur.