Cuisines of North East India

By | December 24, 2011

Cuisines of North East India

North-East Indian Cuisine is very tasty foods which hold a blend of mouth watering regional dishes with slight foreign influence. Almost all the states of North-East India have similar style of cooking; the people of these states are interested on non vegetarian then vegetarian dishes. Even their vegetarian recipes have non vegetarian items and they also love spicy foods then bland recipes.

Check out some of the Cuisines of North Indian States

Assamese Cuisine
Most of the dishes of this state are mainly based on fish and rice. The Assamese like a huge variety of rice-based breakfast with cereals, milk, puffed rice (thick cream­akhoi) or yoghurt or muri, chira (chura), komal chaul – a specially processed rice, hurum and many more on the list. The authentic Assamese cuisine is savorless but is very tasty and very delicious. They mostly use very little oil that too only mustard oil and no spices. The Assamese are basically non-vegetarian and in some orthodox families chicken is taboo. They also like to eat fish and duck’s eggs.

Arunachali Cuisine
The cuisines of Arunachala Pradesh are mostly non vegetarian meals which are very delicious. They also prepare eat Chinese food and local food.

Manipuri Cuisine
The traditional Manipuri style of dining was a factually sit down with banana-leaf as plates. They love to eat rice with meat, and some people prefer to have fish receipes with rice.

Meghalayan Cuisine
The cuisine of Maghalaya is all with meat, particularly pork. Jadoh is their special preparation which is a spicy dish made up of rice and pork. They also cook many dishes in Khasi-style; Shillong is famous for authentic Chinese food.

Mizoram Cuisine
Basically, the people of Mizoram are non-vegetarian and they love to eat meat. Their recipes hold some nutritional value and they also don’t add more spice to their food.

Sikkimese Cuisine
Some of the special items in Sikkim Cuisine include Tibetan Thupka, Gya Thuk, Ningro with Sael Roti, Churpi, Phagshapa, Gundruk, and Momos.