Cheap Hotels in Nagaland

By | June 11, 2012

Cheap Hotels in Nagaland

Explore the land of tribes, Nagaland

Have you ever visited the land of tribes? No! Then, go to Nagaland and explore the scenic beauty of that place. It is one of the main Seven Sister States of India. This region is situated in the farthest north-eastern part of our country at an elevation of 1444.12 meters above the mean sea level. This place is also well-known for cultural as well as conventional heritage. There are many hotels in Nagaland. Most of these hotels are within your budget while some will provide you with luxurious facilities. The cheap hotels in Nagaland are also good in regards of the hospitality along with the environments of these hotels.

First of all, there is Circuit House. This is in Mon. It is a nice one with all the basic facilities. You can also stay in NAP Guest House in Phek. Next is Dimapur Tourist Lodge. This lodge is in Dimapur and you will have a great experience there. Not only the lodge is beautiful, but all over you will have a wonderful experience. There is another good hotel in Dimapur and it is Hotel Maple. If you are in Kohima, then you can go for Tuophema Tourist Village there. Most of the tourists prefer to stay here. The hotel is good as well as the service is excellent. You can also stay in Mokokchung. There is a very good Circuit House, which will provide the tourists with all the facilities at a low tariff. There is a hotel in Tuensang, the tariff of, which is very low and this is Rest House. There is another one in Mokokchung and the name of this hotel is Hotel Whispering Wind. Therefore, just make all reservations and reach the land of tribes, Nagaland.

About Nagaland
Sparkling waterfalls from high mountains, green landscape, and exotic variety of flowers are the main attraction of Nagaland. However, Nagaland is largely known for festivals that are connected with springs, sowing seeds, harvest and other agricultural production festival. One such festival is the Sekrenyi festival that is celebrated by Angami Tribal of Nagaland and it signifies end of agricultural cycle and lasts for 10 days. This way there is much such tribal festival celebrated in Nagaland.

These festivals draw a huge number of crowds and ultimately help in increasing the tourism economy of the state. Kohima is the capital of the state and is the home of various attractions such as Kohima War Cemetary, the state museum, kohima village, Chedema Peace Camp, Japfu Peak and many other spots that attract visitors towards it.

The colorful culture, customs and old traditions are just amazing to be experienced. Nagaland is beautifully adorned with tropical sceneries that worth watching. Houses that are built above the peak are just amazing to visit and people living here. Apart from natural beauty, Nagaland also offers some manmade masterpiece like forts, palaces, temples etc.

You can take a trek towards the mountainous range which will be the most thrilling experience. You can also take shelter in the tribal village that will serve you with delicious foods and would help to know more about the state. The beautiful plateaus and valleys and just breathtaking which will make your trip wonderful. Though the state has rough history, but there are some beautiful picturesque places that must be visited. So have a holiday in this charming and close to nature place.

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