Cheap Hotels in Majuli, Assam

By | June 11, 2012

Cheap Hotels in Majuli, Assam

Explore the biggest river island, Majuli

You are bored with visiting hills and sea? Want to explore something else other than these? How will you feel if you get a chance to go to the biggest river island of the world? Yes! It is in India, to be more precise, it is situated in North east India. You guess it right! It is Majuli, which is formed on the Brahmaputra River in Assam. Though the original area of this island was around 1250 square kilometers, because of erosion, the area has reduced to a large extent. This island is approximately 200 km from Guwahati and it has gained so much popularity since it is a fresh water land that is free from any pollution.

Have you made the plan already? Have you made the reservations in the hotels? No! Don’t worry! There are a few hotels in Majuli, which provide the visitors with all the facilities as well as excellent service. In addition to this, if you are looking for some places that can be afforded without any difficulty, then you can find a number of cheap hotels in Majuli. First of all, you can stay in the Circuit House. This is a nice place to stay and you can taste the delicious foods of Assam here. Along with this, you can also experience varieties of culture as well as tradition here. Once you come here, the calm natural beauty will attract you. Next is the Uttar kamalabari Satra, the tariff of which is quite low and this is also a beautiful place. There is another hotel, Garmur. The tariff of this hotel is quite low; however, the place and all the facilities are just superb.

Majuli as a tourist place
Majuli Island is a majestic place to visit. This is one unique and beautiful place surrounded by the largest Mid Water River in this area Majuli and greeneries. The tea gardens, flora, fauna, birds and greenery will surely make you feel excited and peaceful from inside. People often crave for river and greeneries in the cities. Here you can feel the nature closely. Majuli Island has become a popular tourist place in the North East part of India. North East India is majestic and the tourists have finally started exploring the hidden treasures in these areas. Majuli island is surely one such place where the breathtaking surroundings will rejuvenate you from within.

Many tourists come to visit Majuli Island to know the local tribal culture. The people in Majuli Island are friendly. Majuli Island often gets affected by the river Brahmaputra in time of monsoon. Every year this island changes its shape for that. You cannot find such thing in anywhere else in the world. That is one unique quality of this island. You can find thousands of birds in this area. This place is truly heavenly for the bird watchers. Nearly 1.6 lakh people live in Majuli Island. Once you visit this island you will get to know the tribes and their lives well. It can be a great experience for you.

Majuli Island trip is incomplete without a ferry ride. You can go to Jorhat and then come back Majuli Island. This is going to be a wonderful experience for you and your family. You can also visit the nearby sanctuaries there. The one-horned rhinos and elephants are the main attractions there. You can also find wild buffalos and other animals there. The rich flora and fauna are the main attraction of total North East India. Water sports, handicrafts and music are the few attractions of this place. October- March is the best time to visit Majuli Island. You can enjoy the beauty of nature the most in this time.