Cheap Hotels in Imphal, Manipur

By | June 11, 2012

Cheap Hotels in Imphal

Imphal, the jewel of east

You have been to North East before, but have you gone to the ‘The jewel of East’? Wondering which state is this? This is the capital of Manipur, Imphal. This place is full of varied culture. The name has come from Yumphal, the meaning of, which is ‘land of many villages’. Here, you can get to see all the things, starting from hills, forests, valleys as well as a number of rivers. A lot of tourists come here is attraction of sylvan beauty of this place. This place is well-connected to numerous cities, such as, Guwahati, Delhi, Aizawal, Kolkata, and Silchar. So you can easily reach there by air.

If you are expecting a lot of luxury hotels there, then you will be disappointed. However, there are a few good hotels in Imphal. There are two luxury hotels, Anand Continental Hotel as well as Classic Hotel. Apart from these two, most of the hotels there are within your budget. There are a number of cheap hotels in Imphal. To start with, there is Nirmala Hotel. This hotel is quite reasonable and the rooms are well decorated, very clean while the service is excellent. Then, there is Dinesh deluxe Hotel, the service of which will exceed your expectation. Next is Imphal Hotel. While some tourists like this place, some don’t like it. However, overall the hotel is not that bad. You can also stay in the White Palace Hotel, the tariff of, which is low whereas the service is good. There are other two hotels, which the tourists most often prefer and they are Hotel Prince and Hotel Krishtinia. So you get an idea where you can stay. Just now buy the tickets and reach Imphal. The place is waiting for you!

About Imphal
Being the capital of Manipur, Imphal has witnessed some of the famous battles including Battle of Kohima which turned the course of WWII. Imphal is the capital of Manipur since 1826 and is set in backdrop of war, but has peaceful and beautiful scenic beauty which attracts visitors throughout the year. This charming city gives the best holiday experience under its beautiful landscape, cool weather and tribal culture.

The city is surrounded by beautiful hills which protects the city from harsh winter coming from other region. Earlier during war time, Imphal was the epicenter of British various monuments and also some spots were created to attract visitors. For nature lovers and people who love to watch ancient war monument, Imphal is a great place. Imphal is included among the seven sisters being the cleanest city.

There are both natural and manmade marvels that attracts tourists towards it. Places to watch are museums, monuments, parks, religious sites and other places which are worth visiting. People living in Imphal are categorized in two ways; those living in hills and other living in plains.

You can visit different places in Imphal which are worth visiting too. You can visit fort, museums and other such places. Places like Langthbai, Kangla Fort, War Cemeteries, Manipur Zoological, Saheed Minar, INA Memorial, Phubala, Waithou Lake, Moirang, Kaina, Loktak Lake and many other places.

Imphal is well connected with airways, railways and by road so you can reach this city easily and have a good tour along with your family.