Cheap Hotels in Assam

By | June 11, 2012

Cheap Hotels in Assam

Assam, one of the beautiful places to visit

Have you been to Assam? No! Then just visit there when the next vacation will come on your way. It is such a beautiful place in North East India. The bio-diversity as well as the one-horn rhinoceros attracts the tourists to this place from all over the world. Hey! Are you going to Assam? Have you finalized your accommodation? The Assam tourism has spent a lot of money on its hospitality sectors. That is why you will find a number of private as well as government hotels in this region. There are luxury hotels, boutique hotels and budget hotels too. Do you have a limited budget for your trip? You have a simple solution and that is the cheap hotels in Assam.

There are many such hotels in Assam, which you can find at low tariff. To begin with, there is Hotel Ambassador. It is in Guwahati and has all kinds of contemporary amenities. Moreover, the hotel is neat and clean and their service is superb. They welcome you with such warmth that you cannot forget in your whole life. Next is the Hotel Hill view. It is also in Guwahati and this hotel is approved by the Government of Assam. The accommodation is very good along with all kinds of facilities. Whether you are on a business tour or family tour, this hotel is just perfect for you. Among other hotels, you can stay in Devika Hotel in Dibrugarh or Cottage Hrishikesh in Kaziranga. If you stay in the latter, you can stay closer to the national park. Isn’t it thrilling? Besides these, if you want to relax, there is Nameri Eco Camp in Nameri; Nambor Guest House in Golaghat. The last one is the best place to stay according to other tourist’s opinion. Other such hotels are Hotel Apollo, Hotel Blue Moon, Hotel Chilarai and Hotel Belle Vue.

About Assam
Assam is located in northern east part of India is most advanced and developing state. It is now easily accessible state from other parts of India. Assam is surrounded by six different northeast states; Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, Meghalaya and also Bhutan and Bangladesh countries.

Assam is the most beautiful state in north east and its vivid culture makes staying most memorable time. Assam is famous for its tea plantation, 15 percent of world tea output comes from this state. It gets royalty from Indian Government for its contribution in tea plantation. Guwhati, the state capital is the center point from where one should start their journey. It is a hub and also a largest city of the state.

Though it is developing state, Assam lacks industrial development. It has very few agro-based and mineral based industries. However, it is rich in natural resources and contributes to the country in certain percentage. Assam has got the oldest oil refinery factory in the country and was set up in Digboi. It is actually the first state where oil was stuck in the year 1889.

Assam is the home of wide range of silk product, and the most famous is Muga, the golden silk. It is the finest wild silk and is produced only in this state. The state is very well versed with handloom and handcraft work which are famous across the country. Came and Bamboo is an inseparable part of the state.

Apart from its rich culture, Assam is also a best tourist spot where you can enjoy having great time with your friends and family. There are some beautiful locations in Guwhati and parts of state that can help in having great holiday. So visit Assam and explore this state.

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