Cheap Hotels in Arunachal Pradesh

By | June 11, 2012

Cheap Hotels in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh, the land of rising sun

If you are planning a trip to North East India, then Arunachal Pradesh would be your best choice. This beautiful state will mesmerize its tourists. The meaning of the name of this state is land of dawn-lit mountains. The hills in one side and the dense forests on the other and their confluence are just superb. If you go there once, you will go back there again and gain. The tourism of this state is quite popular; that is why you can get to see lots of hotels in Arunachal Pradesh. All the hotels there welcome their tourists with warmth and moreover, the staff is very co-operative.

Are you searching for places to stay here within your budget? No problem! There are a number of cheap hotels in Arunachal Pradesh. To begin with, you can stay in Hotel Bomdila as well as Hotel Simang. Both of them are quite popular among the tourists as the tariffs are affordable and the most important thing is the services of both are extremely good. Both these hotels are neat and clean and they offer delicious foods to the tourists. In addition to these, there is Pasang Hotel. It is in Bomdila. The tariff is low and the service is good. Next is Gorichen Hotel in Tawang. You want to experience heaven in Arunachal Pradesh? Then Tawang Tourist Lodge will be your choice. Such superb facilities at such a low tariff are really unbelievable. Many tourists opt for the Laxmi Hotel in Itaangar, which is very good hotel in your budget. There is Shangrila Hotel in Bomdila, the environment of which is just wonderful. Besides these, there are many others, such as, Circuit house in Along and Circuit House in Anini; Santanu Hotel in Daporijo as well as Blue Pine Hotel in Ziro.

About Arunachal Pradesh
Located in the tip of north-eastern part of India, Arunachal Pradesh is a natural beauty which should be visited. It gives a magical experience with some beautiful mountains and landscapes which gives picturesque view for visitor.

Arunachal Pradesh is not only known for its beautiful and landscape nature, but also for wide tradition and culture that will bind you to stay for more days. Here you will find everything right from adventure to religious place which a tourist always look for. There are many destinations which Arunachal Pradesh is home of and you can visit those place with having good planning. You can witness the traditional festival and wildlife which is just amazing to experience.

There are some important destinations in Arunachal Pradesh which are the major attraction for tourist. Every destination here gives a relaxing experience which will be a lifetime experience for you. Mentioned below are some top destinations in Arunachal Pradesh:

• Tawang: This is the largely visited place in AP and has some beautiful locations to be visited. Tawang Monestry, which is also called Galden Namgyel Lhatse is largest monestry in the world.

• Parashuram Kund: It is a religious place where thousands of pilgrims visit to attend Parashuram Mela.

• Malinithan: It is located at the foot of Siang Hills and is well known for ruins of temple. There are some divine images of deities, animal motifs with panels and coral design.
• Itanagar: Located in the foothills of AP, it is the capital of the state. It is the centre of tourist and offers the best experience for travel. Ganga Lake, Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum are two most visiting place.

Apart from these places, Arunachal Pradesh also has 7 most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries which is an important visiting centre. With so many attractions to see you must defiantly make a plan to visit Arunachal Pradesh.

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