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Cheap Hotels in Imphal, Manipur

Cheap Hotels in Imphal Imphal, the jewel of east You have been to North East before, but have you gone to the ‘The jewel of East’? Wondering which state is this? This is the capital of Manipur, Imphal. This place is full of varied culture. The name has come from Yumphal, the meaning of, which… Read More »

Music and Dance of Manipur

Music and Dance of Manipur Manipur is a state which is famous for many things and aspects; one of the most prestigious among them is Manipuri. Manipuri is a form of dance which is very famous and known as India’s one of the major classical dance. This dance is an integral part of Manipuris which… Read More »

North East India Hill Stations and Sightseeing

North East India Hill Stations and Sightseeing With mind-blowing tourist places and monuments, North East India is a wonderful tourist destination for all Range of people and from all parts of world. The North East India is composed of the seven states which are known as seven states, and the seven states are Assam, Arunachal… Read More »

Cuisines of North East India

Cuisines of North East India North-East Indian Cuisine is very tasty foods which hold a blend of mouth watering regional dishes with slight foreign influence. Almost all the states of North-East India have similar style of cooking; the people of these states are interested on non vegetarian then vegetarian dishes. Even their vegetarian recipes have… Read More »

Festivals of Manipur

Festivals of Manipur Manipur is a land which is famous for its colorful festivities, filled with fun and frolic throughout the year. The cycle of festivals makes this land very busy all the time. The festivals of Manipur not only reveal the richness of their cultural, social and religious aspects but also help people to… Read More »