Activity Breaks; Holidays with Get up and Go Appeal

By | October 31, 2012

Activity Breaks; Holidays with Get up and Go Appeal

For some travellers, a holiday is all about squeezing as much as they can from their destination. Getting active, learning something new and meeting new people are a way of life on active breaks. Here are just a handful of ideas to inspire you.

What is an activity holiday and why do I need one?
Before diving in to what’s on offer out there, we should clarify just what an activity break is. Activity breaks can be anything from learning a new skill, learning a new culture or upping the adrenaline with a serious sporting adventure. They don’t have to be physically demanding or mean that you’ll need another holiday afterwards. It’s about getting more from your holiday than just reading a book and lounging on the beach. Those holidays are certainly relaxing, but not everyone’s cup of tea.

Activity breaks are usually organised breaks that incorporate hotel stays and planned tours. They offer the adventurous ones among us the chance to try new experiences without the worry of planning around safety, logistics or worrying about whether the hotel is suitable.

If you’re a single traveller, activity breaks can be a fantastic way to meet to new people with similar interests. This type of break can deliver responsible travel too, as in the safety of a group environment, you can explore places that you couldn’t if you were alone. They can also provide a way to improve your skill base and if you’ve a very stressful job, an activity break can be just the ticket to keep your mind and body too busy to think about your inbox! Everyone has something to gain from an activity vacation.

Starting Gently
If this is your first foray into activity holidays or you’re not looking for anything too physically demanding, then you could consider a hobby related course such as cookery, pottery or silver-smithing, for example. There are great opportunities for these at home and abroad. Whatever your passion, you’re bound to find a residential break somewhere to suit you.

Canal boats and river cruising can offer a leisurely pace too and again, you can find all kinds of boating breaks on offer in the UK and abroad in locations such as Egypt, Germany and France.

Stepping Up the Pace
If you love the freedom of exploring on foot, a walking tour could be the ideal choice for you and again, they are available to suit everyone’s pace. From leisurely strolls through Bermuda to rainforest treks in Chile, activity holidays are even available to take you to trek Everest, so choose your destination to suit your comfort factor.

Maximum Adrenaline
If you love the rush of adrenaline that comes from extreme adventures, then use your holiday to feed your habit. What about trying winter sports? Snowboarding and skiing breaks can be exciting, but if you want to try something new, try ice fishing or dog sledding for something out of the ordinary.

These are just a sneak peak at a few of the options available, but you’ll no doubt be interested to explore more of what’s out there. Choose your activity break based on your fitness level, your interests and your budget and this is one holiday that will create memories that will certainly last longer than a tan.


Jessica Kiely is a travel writer based in Edinburgh. She has travelled the world and although her favourite place will always be home, the one other place she claims she could live is La Paz, Bolivia, where she spent six months living and working. She considers this as one of her most memorable activity holidays.