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Author Topic: Assam Golden Fiber Jute Industry,Silchar a Lost story  (Read 1148 times)


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Assam Golden Fiber Jute Industry,Silchar a Lost story
« on: June 09, 2015, 06:02:23 AM »
Assam Golden Fibre Jute Park Private Limited is a Private Company incorporated on 11 June 2010. It is classified as Indian Special Purpose vehicle of the Ministry of Textiles. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 100,000,000.

This company received 8.5 crores  from MOT in year 2010 till 2014 for establishing a Jute Industry in this remote north east.

Atlast with the grant it was felt that NER isn't totally deprived by centre as is a known fact. Hopes of 5000employment opportunities, Trade & above all farmer reviving the lost jute , created a hustle in all newspapers & state.


As time went by Smt Kavita Sengupta(Chief Advisor) Subject teacher of Publich High School ,Silchar set rules to run the company in such a way that 3 directors resigned one after another.
Smt.Milli Das,W/O Abhijit Das,Asst Manager BSNL,Silchar
Smt Sikha Deb, Nominated by Amitabha Dey Asst Commissioner Sales Tax deppt ,Silchar
Shri Subhendu Chakraborty,Retd AG Officer,Kali Mohan Road,Tarapur.

Influencing an illiterate director Mr Janki Nunia who happens to be the land donor she was able to induct him as the Cheque signing authority to handle funds worth 7-8crores.

The tug of war started when Mr Nilotpol Choudhury executive director of Jugasankha Press was made the director in late 2012.Siphoning of funds was at its peak during this time which even led the company go bankrupt but again the well fed ministers in center & Mr. Nabendu Sengupta the CHIEF FINANCE OFFICER of National Jute Board came to her rescue with additional advance grants & early release of final 10% grants.

Nobody in Silchar are ever aware of such scandals but all the employees were going through a constant phase of harassment & exploitation.The CEO was removed from the office ,4 employees went for a press meet and a complaint against the lady to the highest official in the sanctioning office of the government of India & later were rewarded in the form of termination of job for all of them at a time and thus clearing all paths for the school teacher. Infact one complaint was made to the director of higher education regarding full time engagement of a school teacher in  government project but that too was lost somewhere or couldn't reach the table of the minister & was kidnapped mid route.

This project is subject to CAG audit after completion but surprisingly the lady luck has stopped all sort of check or scrutiny from any agencies for good.

With 5years completed 3 assam type buildings have been completed with no proper road, water, electricity and with mosses & ferns growing everywhere. The site is well protected by watchmans who restrict the entry of media or public.

This is the fate of lii fated unknown yet deserving 5000 people who could have got employment in this marvelously designed industry by IWIN Advisory services ltd Kolkata with financial aid from the Ministry of textiles. This is the only Jute Park in entire northeast and one of the 4jute Parks all over india. The other three are in West bengal & Bihar expeditiously  completed & running successfully. This article is just one last try to influence the general mass & lead a agitation or revolution so that the Jute park sees the light of the day & the lady dacoit is made to return the 4crores siphoned single handedly for her vested benefit & personal empire building for her only son Aninda Dutta who is studying engineering in BITS on a management seat worth 22LAKHS.

It is high time we the people of BV come forward to revive this lost asset of the People by the people..
Victims of employees in order
Sahir Javed Mazumder Ex CEO
Paulami Chakraborty,EX Manager
Satyabrata Kar Ex Cashier
Biswajit Baidya EX Assistant
Narottam Sarkar EX Peon
Shanti Bala Singh Ex Manager
Rituparna Dutta Ex Manager
Mousumi Bhatt Ex Manager
Ranadhir Choudhury Ex Engineer
Rajdeep Dey Sardar Ex Junior Engineer

Kavita Sengupta Chief Advisor or GOD MOTHER of the project
Janki Nunia Director/Signatory
Mrs Tapashi Bhowmick Director/ Signatory
Md Baharul Barbhuiyya Signatory.

Address of scandalicious office :

C/O Anirudha Dutta(Husband/O Kavita Sengupta), house no-5,lane-14,link road, silchar

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Assam Golden Fiber Jute Industry,Silchar a Lost story
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