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Maha Adda / maplestory 2 mesos-MapleStory x Re:Zero Collab Event Begins
« Last post by mmobeys123 on January 17, 2018, 03:32:01 AM »

maplestory 2 mesos -Emilia of Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World has found herself in MapleStory! She's completely new to her surroundings, so players can help her learn about this other world through a series of daily quests as a part of a collaborative event between Nexon America’s popular MMORPG and Re:Zero.
The event is for all players level 33 and above, and the daily quests will have you hunt monsters between 10 levels below your own and 20 above, collect certain items, and fight monsters within a time limit.
You’ll also answer question as a part of each quest, and if you’re wrong, you’ll die and have to start from day one again! This will give you the Back to Zero buff which boosts your weapon and magic attack, as well as your critical rate.

The event is absolutely packed with rewards for players to earn. After completing each quest, you’ll be rewarded with Re:Zero gift boxes, experience, and mesos, and there are five different Re:Zero boxes you can receive: Emilia’s, Betty’s, Roswaal’s, Ram’s, and Rem’s.

You’ll also be rewarded for your attendance on each day’s quest the first time you complete them for days one through five! Once you complete all five, you can start over again from day one, and each time you complete this, you’ll receive a gift box.

That’s not all, either. You can earn four different titles through hidden achievements, and there’s a world called Reboot for you to make a new character in! There are even rewards determined by what level you get that character to.

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  FIFA 18 TOTY Cards - As has been the case for years in FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team mode, the new year signals the release of the Team of the Year (TOTY) players. This year team has been created differently, combining votes from the community and EA Sports’ opinion to create a team that is different to the much maligned official European World XI. Therefore, since they are the eleven best players of 2017, you’re going to want to do everything to get them in your team in FIFA 18.
Getting your hands of TOTY players works just as it does with any other player. You can get them from packs, but they will be very rare due to being some of the highest rated players in the game. Alternatively, if you have a huge number of coins lying around, you will be able to purchase them from the transfer market once someone else has packed them. You will need to have a lot of coins, however, because, since they’re the highest rated players in the game, they’ll also likely be the most expensive.
 If EA Sports release some kind of TOTY Squad Building Challenge, making it easier to get a TOTY player, as they have done with some other promotions, we’ll be sure to update you here.
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Maha Adda / mmobeys bless online gold store- Sneak Peek at Bless Online Dungeons!
« Last post by mmobeys123 on January 17, 2018, 03:29:14 AM »

mmobeys bless online gold store - In the Bless World, there are many instance dungeons with powerful monsters that can only be defeated with strategic and close teamwork!

Today, I will be telling you guys about the development of Bless Online dungeons, and sharing a few screenshots!

“At the end of challenge and adventure, a place that gives you an unforgettable sense of achievement”

The most basic reason for exploring dungeons is for the special items, but clearing dungeons with friends and party members is also a fun and worthwhile experience!

Dungeons, one of Bless Online’s strengths are places that utilize the strategies and tactics of each class, and are designed to maximize players’ pleasure and sense of accomplishment.
Inside dungeons, you may find buried secrets of the past, or even the key to solving a mystery.
Keep in mind that the number of episodes in the dungeons are closely related to Bless’ main story!

Dungeon variety ranges from those for soloing players in the beginning of the game to 10 player raid dungeons! Each dungeon has its own unique characteristics and stories.

You can also find special dungeons where you can obtain rare crops and mineral materials in the open field.
We hope that you will experience a sense of accomplishment and fun from exploring Bless Online dungeons with your friends!
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Maha Adda / poe orb store- Path of Exile Review – Not just a Diablo Clone
« Last post by mmobeys123 on January 17, 2018, 03:26:09 AM »
  poe orb store - There are 7 base character classes you can play from. You might notice, however, that initially, only 6 are available. These include the Marauder, a pure strength character, the Ranger, who specializes in Dexerity, the Witch, the intelligence character, then the duelist who specializes in strength and dexterity, the Templar who has both strength and intelligence, the Shadow which has dexterity and intelligence, and lastly, the Scion who has all three attributes and can be unlocked in later game play. In general, Strength players hit harder in normal striking and can take more hits, dexterity characters attack faster and evade more strikes, and intelligence characters are more focused on magical protections and attacks, at the cost of being rather weak in melee. Now, does this mean that once you blindly pick a class, you’re stuck with your character type all play through? Most certainly not.
Most games, especially ARPG’s, like to keep classes a little isolated from one another. Spellcasters and healers focus into intelligence and special spells, while rangers work into bows, and Melee fighters work with either one hand or two hand attacks, and that’s the way it’s always been, with special skills going into each class. Path of Exile turns this on its head through the skill tree, which is honestly more a skill bush. The classes are more a simple starting point in how to get used to the controls and may confer some small benefits over time, but by and far each class allows you to be yourself and change your playstyle. The skill tree itself is absolutely massive, by far the largest I’ve ever seen, and no matter what you start as, you have the full ability to specialize into other perks. As mentioned before, you could easily become a mace wielding witch, or a bow using marauder, and you can create thousands of different variants of each class.
In terms of items, both weapons and armor items act as both passive and active boosts alongside your skill tree to make an even more customized experience. Depending on looting and grinding (a genre standard), you can be rewarded with items that have “linked” items, where you can input support gems to give weapons or armor added benefits. These gems are classified by color and rarity, which can often make common items more powerful than rare items when crafted carefully, making for a wonderfully balanced experience, even if luck isn’t always on your side.
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Assam University / Re: 2013 Non-Teaching/Faculty Jobs in Assam University Silchar
« Last post by Blaecleah on January 09, 2018, 10:54:44 AM »
Is there a forum that discusses office work?
Silchar Medical College / Re: Silchar Medical College Website
« Last post by Blaecleah on January 09, 2018, 10:54:34 AM »
I would like to use the forum to take advantage.
Assam University / Re: 2013 Jobs in Assam University Silchar
« Last post by Thanpanut on November 22, 2017, 07:02:26 AM »
I want to work at the university. But it would not work for me.
Silchar Medical College / Re: Does Silchar Medical College offer BDS course?
« Last post by Thanpanut on November 22, 2017, 07:01:01 AM »
I'm looking for the same. If you tell me
Assam University / Re: 2013 Jobs in Assam University Silchar
« Last post by Ronasaki on September 13, 2017, 09:55:32 AM »
This information is very helpful to me.

Maha Adda / Re: Tennis Club in Silchar
« Last post by Ronasaki on September 13, 2017, 09:55:11 AM »
Your information is very good.

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