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Business / Re: Editor’s note: We welcome in Arizona Cardinals writer
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I really like these things. Always trying to find information but didn't find the answer
Maha Adda / Re: Jonathan Toews Jersey
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I come to find people who think like me. Can talk easily
Maha Adda / A gentleman is a core
« Last post by ylq on February 20, 2019, 06:30:30 AM »
A gentleman is a core concept of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and a gentleman's personality has been passed down for thousands of years. It is the core connotation of the character of a gentleman. If a gentleman wants to be self-reliant and wants to be self-reliant, he must dare to look directly at himself.real strong is the warrior who dares to face the bleak life and dripping blood. It's a bit close to perfection, no need for hypocrisy and useless praise, only to find the short board, you can be honest and truthful, explain the gaps, and move forward. "Only dare to face up, this can be expected to dare to think, dare to say, dare to do, dare to be." Dare to face the thick darkness, in order to accept the gift of light. No one is perfect, no gold is enough, facing the reality, the person who has the courage to face shame, shows the open mind, the initial heart of Chicheng, the embodiment of self-confidence and self-reliance. There is an anti-insurgency introspection and self-discipline. Zeng Zi, who is the "three provinces of my country", has a smoky brushstroke that directly touches the "ugly and ugly" Lu Xun of the Chinese people. There are also contemporary ugly literati Bo Yang and director Li Yang. . Heaven and earth are not benevolent, and all things are hyenas. These upright and stalwart personalities are naturally condensed in the world, and bloom in life, nourishing the quality and life of the Chinese nation.t is a gentleman? What is a hero? Five thousand years of immortal civilization gave birth to the gentleman of the Chinese children. On the road to realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese clan, the new China once again demonstrated the heroic spirit of the great country of China. This country, where the ancient Canglong is a totem, finally wakes up again after a hundred years of sleep. He uses the dragon's general stalwart body, adhering to the traditional spirit of goodness and heart, and highlights the international responsibility of "the river is not against the small stream." As the saying goes, "the light is seen by the court and the light is seen in the world Marlboro Lights Carton For Sale." China has a broad vision and an enterprising attitude, and it is committed to the concept of "profit and profit". The forward-looking ��One Belt, One Road�� strategic initiative recasts the glory of the ancient Silk Road. On the basis of emphasizing cooperation and win-win Marboro Cigerettes For Sale, it is consistent with the millennium of the millennium | ��The vastness of the prosperous Low Price Cigarettes Free Shipping, the sail but the wind��. For thousands of years, different cultures have accumulated on the ancient Silk Road. Nowadays, the "Chinese Dream", which emphasizes the promotion of traditional culture, takes the roots of the cultural genes of the famous people as the root, and makes the long-lasting spirit of the Silk Road more elegant and, the rituals, and the traditional Chinese culture have been passed down from verbal to written records for five thousand years. Their content is profound and profound, and it has always been the spiritual pillar and driving force for the survival and development of the Chinese nation Newports Cigarettes Online Cartons. The skills of the ancients have been passed down from and one wood, own Zen; one tea and one meal Cheep Newport Red 100'S, all contain ancient rhyme. Li Bai's free and easy, Su Shi's elegant, Nalan's spirit, in the Chinese context, radiant and flowing.
by revitalizing the fine traditional culture can we strengthen the national ethos and cultivate cultural heritage. Only by the infiltration of foreign civilization can we keep our minds and not lose our true colors.
Maha Adda / Since the European
« Last post by ylq on February 20, 2019, 06:30:18 AM »
Since the European winds have gradually spread, waves of foreign affairs have constantly impacted the Chinese culture Wholesale Tobacco For Newports, which has flowed for thousands of years on the land of China. Especially in the days when individuals, enterprises and countries need to go international, just as people ridicule that "foreign moons are more round than China" and "going abroad" is the outstanding expression of this kind of thinking. This phenomenon can not help but ask questions: Where will the confidence of the Chinese nation go?n is clear Buy Marlboro Red Online Free Shipping, the white dew is slightly moist, and it crosses the millennium dust. The figure of a poet is particularly outstanding under the night. From the white tonight, the white hometown of the hometown, the moon is the hometown of Ming Coupon For Carton Newport 100S, Ming Dynasty feelings of home. Home country, these two bear too many words, is the return of blaming in the blood, but also the righteousness in the bones. The great country, the proud of the East, has the grandeur of the kingdom of the world, and has the glory of the level of technological development that other countries cannot match.tory is the most impartial judge. It has already shown us that the Chinese nation is a nation full of wisdom and creativity. This national spirit has affected countless Chinese children in the subtle influence Buy Cigarettes From Casino In Usa, rooted in the earth, looking up to the sky, building with thoughts and actions. The heavy accumulation of the Chinese civilization. Therefore, we have reason to believe that the long-standing civilization will be transformed into a lively blood.s true that the development of any thing has been ups and downs, and so is Chinese culture. It walked through the sea of ??stars, walked through the bones and blood, once fell into the quagmire, and also flew into the clouds. But as a young generation who will take over the banner of their ancestors in the near future, we must look at the gap with an objective eye. After nearly a century of catastrophe, we failed to catch up with the development trend of the scientific and technological revolution, but used "Made in China" to interpret the true meaning of the great artisans. We do not have a strong industrial and financial base, but we are showing the speed of China to the world. We have been pursuing insults and shackles. Today, we are playing a great chapter in peace and development on the world stage. Xun said: "We must dare to face up, this can be expected, dare to think, dare to say, dare to do, dare to be." To face the present, will not make us lose the confidence of the forward, but it will make the already realized Prosperity can't deceive the ambition of a generation, so that we can not forget our original heart and move all the way, the number of romantic figures, still look at the present Newport 100 Online Coupons. Look at the present, the Long March, the Heavenly Palace, the dream of my millennium flying; self-created aircraft carrier, the century-long aviation industry will become true. Looking at the present, Confucius and Mencius classics are all around the world, and China faces the world. The wind is also swaying, the rain is also swaying, since the ancient heroes out of the juvenile; the sword sings high, still remembers the ancient times, remembers thousands of civilizations today, tens of thousands of children, Cheng Guchang and today.
Maha Adda /
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Ulysse Nardin 2019 Freak X 2305-270/02 replica watch price

Item Type: Reproduction Freak Watches

Scenario Material: Pink Gold, Around

Brand Name: Ulysse Nardin

Water Resistance Depth: lifetime proof water

Mobility: Manual Winding

Face Diameter: 43 mm

Thickness: --

Watch dial: Black

Glass: Blue

Clasp Type: Pin number Buckle

Boxes: widespread box package without pieces of paper

Gender: men

Band Material Type: Crocodile strap

Functions: A long time, Minutes, Flying Tourbillon

Year: 2019

Unit Number: 2305-270/02



The real thing Italian erotic cartoonist Milo Manara and legendary watch manufacture Ulysse Nardin have together to create a series of ten stunning erotic watches.

Milo Manara's erotic designer watches will take you into the depths of an mysterious sea of purposes, Ulyssa, a mermaid and also Nadia, a woman who complies with, finds and loves within the eternal nautical delusion.

According to Manara's example of this of an underwater encounter concerning an unforgettable beauty and a amazing mermaid, these watches undoubtedly are a palindrome, each of which is a completely independent, timeless moment, independent connected with others. Utilizing over one hundred and fifty years of watchmaking knowledge along with experience, Ulysse Nardin transmitted Manara's story to 12 surfaces in the series that will debuted at SIHH throughout Geneva in January 2019. The mermaid and shark are free to bathe in the apparent waters of a sea universe that is free from time limits. Each of these ten tells a dial. This is a visual food that tells a woman on the earth and an extraordinary His passion story between the mermaids. In a very time-independent place, the samsung s8500 story unfolds under the swells. luxury Tonino Lamborghini watches replica

“Watches are especially suitable for that theme, because there is timelessness with pornography” Milo Manara is usually precise.

Mermaid and humans gently connect with and touch under the to view of distant sharks. Much like the police siren in Homer's classic story " Ulysses, " Manara's mermaid engaged the young woman and took your girlfriend into a sensual embrace. Just about every scene is a time if time disappears, and when many people sway gently in the mounds, love pushes them.

Manara explained inside studio of Valpolicella, Croatia: “I have to think of a style, put all these ten graphics together, and then make each impression autonomous so that it can work independent of each other without Need other photographs. " " This is not any linear story, but there is also a common clue based on a couple characters; one is the great girl and the other is a mermaid. "

Born in northern France, Manara has been a graphic illustrator for over fifty years. He's often trained by artists to study the works associated with Rubens, Caravaggio and Dejirico before defining his own model. For this collection of watches, Manara chose a universal theme instructions erotic love - in addition to created characters that persisted in their own time frame.

“Obviously, these women of all ages represent an ideal. If we consider the Greek classicism and the Renaissance, one can see that the shape with the physical model has changed in the centuries. I think my do the job is about ideals. The unit is constantly reinterpreted. " buy RICHARD MILLE Limited Editions RM 50-27-01 NTPT replica watch

Manara created ten of these cases, a series recreated by Ulysse Nardin using micro-painting. Within the heights of the Swiss heaps, the craftsmen at the Ulysse Nardin headquarters in The Locle have been working all the time for about 50 hours to help miniaturize every Manara using the dial, which is in relation to ten times smaller than an original watercolor.. The art of miniature art work shows that perfection lies in the main points. The emotional details are load with explosions of color. From deep blue ocean on the coral reef barrier, into the small wave details on this and the color of the mermaid's lips and jewels, it can be hand drawn with a sole eyelash width.. Patience is key. In order to enhance Manara's fervent scene, a lacquer seemed to be applied as a top cover on the acrylic painting, sending the lightness and elegance regarding Manara's works of art. This particular version of Milo Manara is made of polished stainless steel and you can made of 5N rose gold. Each one piece of drawing will be created from stainless steel and 10 fecal material rose gold, making the series on a 200 pieces.

Powered by the UN-320 self-winding movement, and in accordance together with the rhythm of silicate engineering - Ulysse Nardin has got control for decades - solely hours and minutes usually are shown to allow the largest degree of space on the dial to get drawings. Hands are diligent, leaving stars on the surface of watch. The 40mm Classico Manara will feature a black blue alligator strap in which matches the Manara-defined shades. For a special gift from Ulysse Nardin, each watch will likely be purchased with the original variety Milo Manara printed with the artist.

Ulysse Nardin InnoVision 3 concept watch is full of know-how

At the SIHH 2017, Ulysse Nardin first introduced its latest concept clock, Ulysse Nardin InnoVision 2 . not It was launched 10 years once the launch of the original InnoVision in 2007. Both are while using famous Freak collection as well as functional innovations owned by means of Ulysse Nardin. It will be put in place into the production model sometime soon. Like the original InnoVision, Ulysse Nardin promised to achieve “10 innovations” in InnoVision installment payments on your The application of these new features within the manufacturing of watches is very enticing, and now we finally saw some vibrant modern design steps in often the Freak collection. This is one of the impressive new 2017 swiss watches I have seen so far. sswiss replica watches for sale

Concept wristwatches are now very rare. In the past, we are seen at least some model timepieces that “will not possible be used for production soon”, seeking to showcase the potential design and also technical directions that can be savored in the future. Of course , this is very much like what you see in the auto industry. In the past few years, concept watches became an extremely rare species, and the features we see are often exciting. I recall that Parmigaini Sefine by SIHH 2016 is both equally amazing.

Ulysse Nardin declined to share the actual technical specifications of InnoVision 2, such as housing size and materials. In a sense, virtually all of things don't matter considering that the focus is on the inside. Originating from a design point of view, we see some sort of timepiece that is more progressive in aesthetics than the unique InnoVision. This is a “future bug of the future”, built one of my favorite high-end observe collections, suggesting where the potential Freak model might get in design. Although I have not any problems with today's Ulysse Nardin Freak model, I have a tendency mind seeing further progress the case and dialing involving future InnoVision 2 avenues. Now, I hope I have the power play with Ulysse Nardin InnoVision 2, because this is a neat view of Freak.

The watch feels like the ambitious project that not simply makes Freak more convenient along with practical, but also slams Ulysse Nardin's interesting experiments employing silicon and sapphire deposits. Given that the Ulysse Nardin InnoVision 2 is a notion watch, it is difficult to determine the way effective the actual movement is definitely, or how much the new technological know-how has improved in more regular movements. Once again, even the development of Freak watches is actually nothing more than traditional. Watching activities technicians is shocked by possibilities, and everyone else will be impressed with all the fancy terminology. Finally, I would like to note the fact that term " silicon" matches " silicon. "

As I mentioned, Ulysse Nardin is committed to report 10 innovations in InnoVision 2 . These are combinations connected with elements related to the mobility or how the watch implies time. Many of them are complex. I will continue to summarize their email list of 10 Ulysse Nardin InnoVision 2 innovations the following:

1 . Double continual escapement system: In i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet, the original Freak double strong escapement system is now a new double constant force escapement system. This is made of a posh all-silicon structure that but not only enables efficient transmission from mainspring to the gear exercise, but also ensures that this drive is consistent to improve movements accuracy when the mainspring is usually decelerating.

minimal payments Direct silicone bonding: Si parts are usually single portions and are not made from many parts. However , using a exclusive high thermal bonding technique, Ulysse Nardin used many silicon components in InnoVision 2 that appear to be crafted from two or more pieces of silicon which are properly connected together.

3. Silicium harmony with gold elements in addition to stable miniature picks: In association with the above innovations, Ulysse Nardin uses a silicon balance tire with other elements attached, that is certainly obviously novel. Here we come across the traditional weight-balanced metal sense of balance wheel and the two good the two worlds made of si. Therefore , in essence, this is the progress the silicon balance controls, which can be fine-tuned as usual.

4. " Running Machine" Automatic Winding Process: Freak has never been a computerized winding watch, but is definitely manually wound. In Ulysse Nardin InnoVision 2, the corporation developed an automatic winding process that works differently, and is certainly mainly made of silicon pieces. Since it operates differently than a normal self-winding system, the name " Grinder" (probably not the most beneficial name) refers to a system this uses a pendulum and a gentle ratchet system to the wind the movement. Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis Titanium 909.NX.1120.RX Replica watch



Maha Adda / In the summer, when people ea
« Last post by ylq on January 11, 2019, 06:27:51 AM »
In the summer, when people eat lotus seeds, sit under the trees by the lake, and watch the beautiful lotus flower and the green lotus leaf, when people praise this, who would have thought of creating this? But he is not angry at all. It is not like a lotus seed, boasting that it is delicious; it is not like a lotus leaf stretching itself away Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online, letting people praise it green and green; not like a lotus flower in the summer, letting it expand its freshness Red, let people praise.obscurity, not pursuing merit and benefit, silently giving the macro world a little bit of oxygen and nutrients from the decaying mud to the lotus seeds, lotus leaves and lotus flowers.much like a mother! Like a kind mother! And are we not like lotus seeds, lotus leaves and lotus flowers? They red give us life and unlimited love, isn't this true? Mother's love for us, giving flowers and leaves nutrition, isn't Lotus like a family of thousands of us?arly remember that on a night when I was five years old, I caught a cold. My mother quickly found a bag of salt and froze the salt for me. The next day, when I blinked, I saw that my mother was still giving me a back. I looked at her face: there was a dark circle under her eyes, a few white hairs on her eyes, and a few more wrinkles on her forehead. This is not the way I grew up!a sweet name! She is our mother and I am very proud of our great mother! Mother, your vast land and rich products, have nurtured the strong body of the Chinese children; your long history and splendid culture have created the indomitable and indomitable character of the Chinese descendantsmention the glory of the past four inventions, and do not have to repeat the friendship and legends brought about by the Silk Road Usa Gold Cigarettes For Sale Online. The silent terracotta maids can be called masterpieces of ancient and modern times; the Great Wall that does not fall, let the world watch and comment forever. The square characters of the Huaxia people, the unique porcelain of China... The culture of the motherland attracts the attention of the world; the glory of the motherland makes the world marvel! to modern history, in the Opium War, the imperialist powers used artillery to break through our country, and a group of wolves and tigers and leopards were on our land. Mother, your children are struggling in the heat, how many hardships you have experienced, how many bullies you have endured, but they have always stood on the ground and refused to that our mother is scarred, the Chinese children can bear it! In 1919, the "May 4th" movement broke out. The shouts of "external competition for state power, internal punishment of the country thief" shouted to the mother. In 1921, the Chinese Communist Party Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, the best and greatest son of the Chinese nation, was born. Just as the rising star of the East, it declared that China's long dark night had come to an end, and a bright dawn appeared in China. In order to drive away the demons who trampled on China's territory, save our mothers, save thousands of compatriots, the red blood of the Red Army has reddened the 25,000-mile long march! The revolutionary pioneer built the unbreakable Great Wall with flesh and blood. On October 1, 1949, our lovely mother, the People��s Republic of China, finally stood up again and stoodtherland, my mother, yesterday, you came from the flames of war, with joyful laughter and bloody mark; today, you rise from reform and opening up, renewing new vitality, weaving hopeful clouds, Your strong and proud body stands in the forest of the nations of the world; tomorrow By Newport 100, you will take off from science and technology and take all the wishesy, love your splendid culture, love your unyielding, love your pioneering spirit, love your past, love you and peace and tranquility today, love your brilliant future! Your simple children are living and working under the correct leadership of the Communist Party of China, giving you a new look. Look, the ancient block words, from bamboo poles to modern computers Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj, on the Internet; "Shenzhou" No. 6 carrying the Chinese children's flying dreams tike a drop of water in the sea, insignificant. But I want to dedicate all my love to the great motherland and work hard for the prosperity of the motherland.
Maha Adda / Blake Wheeler Jersey
« Last post by huangjian123 on January 11, 2019, 02:28:29 AM »
The Buffalo Sabres begin a busy part of their schedule Tuesday night when they are home to the Calgary Flames.The Sabres Authentic Blake Wheeler Jersey , who lost 5-4 overtime to the Blue Jackets in Columbus on Saturday, will follow the game against the Flames with a home-and-home set Thursday and Saturday against the Ottawa Senators before visiting the New York Rangers.The Sabres (6-4-1) will be facing a team that will be playing its second game in two nights after defeating the Maple Leafs 3-1 in Toronto on Monday night with a well-structured, tight effort.Article continues below ...The Flames (6-5-1) were coming off a 4-3 overtime loss to the Washington Capitals at home on Saturday, a game that coach Bill Peters felt was encouraging after the humiliation of a 9-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Thursday. Peters was not disappointed Monday.“We’re taking some steps,” coach Bill Peters said. “We’re learning how to play hard for each other, learning how to manage the puck and taking some risk out of our game. If we can continue to do that, we can have a good team by the time it’s all said and done. We’re going in the right direction, but there is still work to be done.”All the scoring took place in the third period Monday with the Flames breaking through with two goals 55 seconds apart by Sean Monahan and Elias Lindholm.Sabres coach Phil Housley took encouragement in the way his team overcame a two-goal deficit.“We can take forward here being on the road, being down two against a good hockey team, we found a way to earn a point ,” Housley said. “We’ll learn from the mistakes we made but we have to take credit where it’s due. We did a terrific job battling on the road to get a point.”On the other hand, Housley feels the Sabres must tighten their game. Backup goaltender Linus Ullmark faced 37 shots in the game against Columbus, his third start of the season, as well as some odd-man rushes.“Linus made some big saves during the game,” Housley said. “He saw too many Grade-A chances and situations we need to clean up. We were way too loose. We’re not going to win a lot of hockey games playing like that and we know that.”Ullmark is 2-0-1 with a 2.00 goals-against average and a .935 save percentage and he figures to see more action during the busy stretch. Starting goaltender Carter Hutton played all four games on a recent homestand. He is 4-4, 3.07 GAA and a .905 save percentage.“I feel good. I’m really happy every time I get the chance to go in there and play,” Ullmark said. “Whenever I get the chance, I want to seize the moment, do what I do best and just go out there and enjoy it.”“He’s been very square to the puck,” Housley said. “He’s not fighting things. He’s letting the puck hit him and he’s been really good challenging. When the moment is there Womens Connor Hellebuyck Jersey , he’ll get out and challenge the shooters. All of those things, and his puck-handling ability have helped our defense out.”Sabres defenseman Jake McCabe did not practice Monday and is listed as day-to-day with an upper-body injury, Housley said. He missed time in the second period Saturday but played in the third period.The Flames will be visiting Buffalo in a good frame of mind.“I thought we worked hard,” Monahan said. “We had a good start to the game, which we haven’t had in some of the past few. I think we stepped it up. Tonight, was a big win and we’ve got to keep it rolling.”Flames goaltender Mike Smith stopped 24 shots.“We just played together as a team,” Smith said. ” We have a standard now that we’ve set, and hopefully we can continue that.” After a solid start to a road trip, the New York Islanders realized that sometimes the best road to success is simply to read and react as the game unfolds.The Islanders look to change their fortunes in north Texas as they wrap up a road trip Sunday night against the Dallas Stars ahead of the league’s three-day Christmas break.After limiting the Colorado Avalanche and Arizona Coyotes to a total of two goals in the first two games, New York (17-13-4) quickly ran out of gas in a 4-2 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday when they blew a two-goal lead after the first period.Article continues below ...“We played a good 20 minutes to start and after that we were just flat Dmitry Kulikov Jersey ,” said Islanders winger Anders Lee, who is tied with center Brock Nelson for the team lead with 12 goals. “The last 40, we’re all just kind of fighting the puck a little bit and fighting the play of the game. You try to work through that, try to get back on it, try to get pucks to the net.”Eight Islanders have collected at least one goal on the road trip, but the best performer may be Ryan Pulock. The defenseman has five of his 13 assists on the season over the last three games.New York hasn’t fared well in recent years when visiting the Lone Star State. The Isles have dropped three of their last four at American Airlines Center, including two shutout losses.Islanders winger Josh Bailey believes the team can bounce back from the setback in Vegas before heading to the Northeast.“No matter how good or bad you play, you learn from it. There’s always room for improvement and you come in ready to go,” said Bailey, who registered assists in four straight games and six of his last seven.Dallas (18-15-3) goes for a sweep of the season series after getting two goals each from Esa Lindell and Alexander Radulov in a 6-2 win on Nov. 18 in New York. The Stars are just 2-5-0 when facing Metropolitan Division foes in 2018-19.Coach Jim Montgomery’s team also has a quick turnaround after a 2-1 overtime win against the Minnesota Wild on Saturday night. Radulov assisted on Jamie Benn’s third-period goal before picking up his second game-winner of the season with 10 seconds left.“Now we have to take a rest Youth Dustin Byfuglien Jersey , adjust a little bit and get ready for tomorrow before the little break,” Radulov said.Both Benn and Radulov are riding point streaks. Benn has three goals and three assists in a five-game run, while Radulov has one goal and five helpers in a four-game streak.Benn has been a thorn in New York’s side for a couple of years. Over his last four matchups, the 10-year veteran has three goals and six assists. Meanwhile, Radulov has three goals and one helper in his last two meetings with the Islanders.Dallas will need them to keep producing. In the back ends of games on consecutive nights, the Stars are 1-5-0 this season.Dallas also looks for its third win in four games after a season-high four-game skid.
Maha Adda / Ryan Suter Jersey
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For the better part of the last week Ryan Suter Jersey , the Edmonton Oilers and the New Jersey Devils have represented the NHL as ambassadors in Europe. Now, however, it’s time to go to work.Both clubs begin their respective 2018-19 seasons on Saturday in a matchup at the Scandinavium in Gothenberg, Sweden, as part of the NHL Global Series.It is a unique opportunity for players of both teams.Article continues below ...“I feel pretty grateful to get to experience this,” veteran Devils center Travis Zajac told the team’s website. “It’s not every team that gets to come out here and play in front of different fans. They appreciate the game just as much as the fans back in North America.“It’s a different atmosphere, it’s a great feel for the guys to get out here and help grow the game.” For the Swedish players on each team, Saturday’s game will have even more meaning.“It’s going to be a big day for me, a lot of feelings and emotions,” Oilers defenseman Oscar Klefbom said on the team’s website. “To play in front of friends and family will almost be a surreal feeling Evgeny Svechnikov Jersey Womens , but it’s going to be a lot of fun.”Devils forward Marcus Johansson told reporters, “It’s a really special feeling, and it’s a little weird, too, walking around here in Sweden with all my teammates. But there’s very few guys that get to do this and I’m really, really excited for it.”Jesper Bratt, the Devils’ second-year Swedish forward, will miss an opportunity to play in front of his family and friends because he suffered a fractured jaw in practice on Thursday. He will be out two to three weeks.Bratt will be replaced in the Devils’ lineup Saturday by Jean-Sebastien Dea, a 24-year-old winger who was claimed off waivers from the Pittsburgh Penguins near the end of training camp.In addition, the Devils signed veteran forward Drew Stafford to a one-year contract on Friday after he attended camp on a PTO.The Devils will also be missing their No. 1 goaltender Womens Zach Parise Jersey , Cory Schneider, who is still recovering from offseason hip surgery. Though Schneider is practicing with the team, he did not appear in any preseason games, and Keith Kinkaid will start Saturday.It’s not a new role for Kinkaid, who filled in during the second half of last season when Schneider was injured. Kinkaid was 26-10-3 in a career-high 41 games a year ago and helped lead the Devils to the team’s first playoff appearance in six seasons.Kinkaid will be opposed in goal by Edmonton’s Cam Talbot, whose subpar season mirrored that of his team in 2017-18 when the Oilers followed a 103-point campaign the year before with a 78-point effort.“I know what I am capable of and this team knows what I am capable of,” Talbot said to during training camp. “Most of the time, we go as I go. I understand that.”Of course, the engines of both teams really are up front where Connor McDavid drives the Oilers and Taylor Hall does likewise for the Devils.McDavid won the last two Art Ross Trophies as the league’s leading scorer and was the Hart Trophy winner as the NHL’s most valuable player in 2016-17. Last year, he posted career highs of 41 goals and 108 points.Hall won the Hart Trophy last season when the former Oilers winger established career highs with 39 goals and 93 points with New Jersey.“I’m really excited for the games to count now; to have practices with a legitimate goal in mind Andrew Shaw Jersey , to start well, is really good for our mindset as a group,” Hall said on the team’s web site. BOSTON (AP) — Rick Middleton raised his No. 16 to the TD Garden rafters Thursday night, nearly three decades after playing his final game with the Bruins.Middleton, nicknamed “Nifty,” spent 12 seasons with the black and gold from 1976 to 1988, scoring 402 goals and totaling 898 points. The right wing ranks third in goals and fourth in points in Bruins history.“I’ve had four months to think about it, and I hate repeating myself, but honestly, I believe it is the biggest honor that certainly a retired athlete can get in his career ,” the 64-year-old Middleton said before the Bruins faced the New York Islanders.The Bruins announced in July that Middleton’s number would be the 11th retired by the team, the first since longtime forward and current Bruins president Cam Neely’s No. 8 was hoisted to the rafters in 2004.In all, 19 players have worn No. 16 for the Bruins — including center Derek Sanderson, who Middleton said he wore the number in honor of. Kaspars Daugavins was the last to wear it in 2013.“In the last six or seven years, I’ve been seeing that it’s not out there; nobody’s wearing it,” Middleton said. “All of a sudden, it happened. In July, a phone call in July; I never thought it would ever happen that way, but I just have to thank Cam so much for doing it. … It culminated tonight.”Middleton was joined by Neely, Ray Bourque Authentic Artturi Lehkonen Jersey , Johnny Bucyk and Terry O’Reilly — whose numbers have all been retired by the Bruins — along with former Bruins coach Don Cherry at center ice for the pregame ceremony.A first-round draft pick of the Rangers in 1973, Middleton played his first two seasons in New York before being traded to the Bruins.The three-time All-Star led the Bruins in goals for six consecutive seasons from 1978-84. He scored a career-high 51 times in the 1981-82 season, the same year he took home the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy.Middleton holds the NHL record for most points in a playoff series, totaling 19 (five goals, 14 assists) in a 1982-83 second-round series against the Buffalo Sabres.
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CALGARY Radek Faksa Jersey , Alberta — In search of their fourth straight win, the Calgary Flames will host the Chicago Blackhawks (6-5-3) at the Scotiabank Saddledome on Saturday.Following a disappointing 9-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins at home on Oct. 25, the Flames (8-5-1) bounced back with a much better effort two nights later at the Saddledome, although they fell 4-3 in a shootout to the Washington Capitals.The Flames then won back-to-back road games over the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres before rallying with five goals in the third period on Thursday at home to beat the visiting Colorado Avalanche 6-5.Article continues below ...“The guys have been very resilient here recently and that’s a good attribute to have,” said Calgary coach Bill Peters, while adding that his players got away from what they do best in the loss to the Penguins. “It didn’t pay off for us, so I think we’ve learned our lesson in that regard. Now we have the ability to stay with it and keep doing it and be patient … and be patient in an intelligent fashion and that’s what we’ve been here in the last couple weeks.”Flames captain Mark Giordano helped lead the come-from-behind charge over Colorado with a goal and three assists.“Down 4-1, that’s a big comeback in the third, for sure,” said the veteran defenseman, who has put up eight points (one goal, seven assists) in his past four games. “It just felt like we weren’t even satisfied tying it up, to be honest. We kept coming, we kept pushing. I felt like even when we went up we kept pushing and we got another one, which ended up being a huge goal.”According to Giordano, the embarrassing loss to the Penguins might have just been what the Flames needed to turn things around.“It was a good kick for us,” he said. “Any time you get beat like that at home, it could go either way. I thought we responded well. We looked at that game and realized if we kept playing like that, there would be more of that.”Meanwhile Authentic Stephen Johns Jersey , the Blackhawks will be looking to bounce back from a disappointing 4-0 setback in Edmonton to the Oilers on Thursday, just one night after they fell 4-2 to the Canucks in Vancouver.“It’s just one of those things that builds character, and we’ve got to stay with it and find ways to build confidence from within no matter what,” said Chicago captain Jonathan Toews after the loss to the Oilers. “Tough results these last two nights. There’s some good there, but obviously still a lot of room to improve.”Toews also noted that he and his teammates will have to find a way to break out of their recent slump that has seen them go 0-3-1 in their past four outings.“That’s our job is to kind of rise above that,” Toews said. “We’ve talked a lot about wanting to be that team that’s resilient and sticks with it in games when we’re down, especially on the road, that we can find ways to win in ugly games where maybe we’re not the dominant team.”Chicago coach Joel Quenneville said that the message to his players was for them not to be satisfied with their recent play.“Everything we tried to do (against the Oilers), nothing worked,” Quenneville said. “We’ll continue trying things when it’s not going in our direction. We need to work, we need some production and we need to get excitement in the game when we’re generating chances.” LAS VEGAS (AP) Alex Ovechkin put both hands to his head and screamed while he left the bench and skated into the thick of the Washington Capitals‘ joyous celebration.And right before Ovechkin hoisted the Stanley Cup, the Washington captain put both hands on his head again in a gesture of disbelieving ecstasy.You can believe it, Ovi. So can the Washington fans whose championship drought is finally over.After striving through 13 of his franchise’s 43 seasons, the Russian superstar and the long-suffering Capitals are sitting on top of hockey for the very first time.”It doesn’t matter what happened before,” Ovechkin said through his gap-toothed grin. ”We just won it.”Lars Eller scored the tiebreaking goal with 7:37 to play, and the Capitals claimed their first NHL title with a 4-3 victory over the Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday night in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final.Ovechkin capped his playoff MVP campaign with an early power-play goal, and Devante Smith-Pelly tied it with a full-stretch goal midway through the final period of the Capitals’ fourth consecutive victory over the Golden Knights.”We did it,” said Ovechkin, whose 15 playoff goals set a franchise record. ”That’s all that matters. Look at the smiles on my teammates. This is something you’ll never forget. This moment Youth Tyler Pitlick Jersey , I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I’m so happy. It’s unbelievable.”Vegas’ incredible expansion season finally ended, and so did the Capitals’ wait for a title since their debut in 1974. But after so many years of crushing disappointment for a team with a lengthy history of postseason failure, these Caps confidently won their fourth consecutive closeout game with a tenacious third-period comeback in Vegas.Ovechkin and his teammates are Washington’s first championship hockey team – and their city’s first champion in a major pro sport since the Redskins won the Super Bowl in early 1992.”It doesn’t come easy,” said goalie Braden Holtby, who made 28 saves while outplaying three-time Stanley Cup champion Marc-Andre Fleury in the opposite net one final time. ”It took years. Years of heartbreak. Years of breaking things down and trying again, breaking things down and trying again, and this group never gave up. And we finally did it.”After Ovechkin accepted the Conn Smythe Trophy, he received the Cup from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Ovechkin shouted ”Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” before skating away and hoisting the prize over his head for a victory lap in front of thousands of red-clad fans.When a succession of teammates finally got the Cup back to Ovi, he handed it to Ted Leonsis, the Caps’ owner since 1999.”I’m so happy for the group that has gone through the misery,” said Washington coach Barry Trotz, a first-time champ in his 19th season behind an NHL bench and a potential free agent without a contract for next season.The Caps couldn’t win a Cup without a little late weirdness, however: The game clock stopped working on the T-Mobile Arena scoreboards during the final minutes, and the Capitals angrily protested while they played on. Vegas never got close to a tying goal despite both teams getting an extra chance to rest while the officials checked on the timing. The clock finally hit zeros, allowing the Caps to storm the ice behind their net for a frenzied celebration.Reilly Smith scored a go-ahead goal late in the second period for the Golden Knights, who won seven of their first eight home playoff games before dropping the last two.”When you get this close to the Cup, it’s hard,” Fleury said. ”Doesn’t happen too often. It’s very disappointing.”The defeat ended the storybook inaugural season of the Golden Knights, who became the NHL’s 31st franchise last fall and immediately launched into arguably the greatest debut in modern pro sports history. Few expected the division title they delivered Womens Tyler Seguin Jersey , and fewer still thought Vegas could challenge for a championship.Nate Schmidt and David Perron also scored deflection goals for Vegas in the second period, but Fleury’s 29 saves included a stopped puck that dropped underneath him where Eller could sweep it home for the Cup-winning goal.”It means everything,” Eller said. ”You couldn’t write the story better. If you’re going to win on the road, I couldn’t imagine a better place to do it.”Forward T.J. Oshie spent a moment in the celebration looking up for his father, Tim, who he said was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.”He doesn’t remember a lot of stuff, but he’s going to remember this,” Oshie said. ”I’ve never seen a team come together like we did here. I’ve never seen the commitment from start to finish like we had here.”Washington’s win was its 10th on the road in this postseason, tying the NHL playoff record and illustrating the superior toughness of this team. While past editions of the Caps created their team’s reputation for postseason flops in part by losing five playoff series in which they had won three of the first four games, Ovechkin’s latest group promptly closed out all four of its series this year on the very first try.The Caps also came back from series deficits in all four rounds and clinched all four series on the road.The remarkable Golden Knights hadn’t lost four consecutive games in their entire inaugural season before the Caps rolled them.”It’s going to be a tough couple days,” Vegas defenseman Deryk Engelland said. ”You never want it to end like this.”The Capitals had thousands of fans in the Vegas crowd and a building full of supporters watching back home along with countless thousands outside in the crowded D.C. streets. They got a barn-burner of a finale befitting this thrilling series, with wild shifts of momentum before that bizarre clock incident that didn’t appear to affect the outcome much.The Capitals’ triumph also adds another chapter to a stretch of sweet relief for long-suffering, loyal sports fans across North America. The NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl in February, and baseball’s Houston Astros won their first World Series last November.First-time titles are all the rage, and Ovechkin and the Caps have paid their dues for this one.Ovechkin, who turns 33 later this year, has been among the most exciting and productive players in his sport since joining the Caps in 2005. Yet for all of his goal-scoring prowess and athletic swagger, the Great Eight had never won an Olympic gold medal or a Stanley Cup title.But after becoming the fifth player in the last quarter-century to score at least 15 goals in a postseason, Ovechkin is a champion at last. He also became the first Russian captain to raise the Cup in NHL history.The title is also validation for Holtby , who has spent his entire NHL career in Washington. After several seasons of being measured unfavorably against Fleury and other goaltending greats despite his 2016 Vezina Trophy, the Saskatchewan native also has his long-sought ring – and his unbelievable stick save on Alex Tuch in Game 2 will ring forever in Caps history.Ovechkin put the Caps up 2-1 in the crazy second period of Game 5 when he set up in his customary spot in the left faceoff circle and put Nicklas Backstrom’s cross-ice pass into a sliver of open net. But after Perron tied it with a deflection goal while falling into Holtby’s net, Smith scored into an open net after Ovechkin went to the penalty box for tripping.Washington pressed early in the third, but didn’t connect until Brooks Orpik flung the puck at the net against the run of play. Smith-Pelly barely controlled the puck and stretched out to fling it toward the net while falling face-forward, and it slipped inside Fleury’s post for the veteran forward’s seventh goal of the postseason – matching his total from the entire regular season.”I’ve been dreaming about it since I was a little kid,” Smith-Pelly said. ”The team, with so much change, you didn’t know what to expect. We knew we could do something special, and we did.”Moments later, the Knights struggled to keep up with the Caps’ puck movement and left Brett Connolly open for a shot. Fleury stopped it, but the puck fell to the ice underneath him – and Eller fought off Luca Sbisa and slapped the puck into the net for the game winner.NOTES: Washington is the 19th active franchise to win the Stanley Cup. The Caps were tied for the fifth-longest active Cup drought with Philadelphia, which won it in 1974. … Ovechkin has 26 points in 26 potential series-clinching games in his career. … The Knights made two lineup changes from Game 4, inserting Perron and William Carrier while scratching Ryan Reaves and Ryan Carpenter. Carrier hadn’t played since the second round against San Jose, while Perron was a healthy scratch for only one game. … The Knights scored eight goals in their four consecutive losses.—More Stanley Cup coverage:
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