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Last night, the stars la
« on: June 13, 2019, 02:04:46 AM »
Last night, the stars last night, it seems to be. Today, I entered the homepage of my alma mater, the teacher's college, and saw the current situation and recent events. Today's teacher's college affiliated school has undergone earth-shaking changes, I feel a little strange, some strange. I hate why I didn't cherish the time in the teacher's school. If there is anything that is most worth cherishing, it is just that when you suddenly wake up and want to cherish it, you can��t catch it Newport 100S. Life is such a fleeting moment, I thought of the fragments of my life with my classmates in the teacher's school. I used to be there. Attached to the teacher's college, it carries me such memories and disappointments, such laughter and sadness, such cold and warmth Cigarettes Online, such expectations and efforts. It also records some of the things that happened to me and some people. It is the origin of my dreams. It is where I really step into the society and really start to learn how to do things. If I didn't go there at the beginning, if I had enough strength, if I had to go to the lawn in front of the audio-visual building, if I really felt the grass and trees in the teacher's special attachment, I would spend one flower. What will happen to me now? And if I reported to the mine that I could fully enter with my achievements at the time, what would I feel now? Attached to the division, you always let me miss you so much. Seeing this again now, I am very flustered, I am very uncomfortable, I feel like breathing is like a hand is holding my heart, repeated play, so that my heart hurts. One day, I walked aimlessly to the door of the teacher's college. I didn't even know why I was there Newport Cigarettes. I was probably in my mind. I always thought that there was a shelter for me Cheap Cigarettes. - Also, I used to go back to the place after the crazy play or after the injury, accepting the baptism and day-to-day tasks that I should receive, and perhaps in my consciousness, I have been I thought I was still a member there - but I didn't go in. I took a long time at the door and never stepped in. Perhaps this is the so-called, the neighborhood is even more familiar with everything around, the owner of the store is still so enthusiastic. I am familiar with everything around me, all the shops, all the restaurants, all the entertainment venues, all the hair salons, I have been familiar with the students, I have been keen to discuss with the students where to eat, and then go to the Internet cafe, or Where to go shopping. Around the middle school of the teacher's college, Wuzhong, Erxiao, Deaf School, True Color Bar, Shuicheng County Traffic Police Brigade, this small Songping South Road has so much rich content, there is a hair salon full of business, there is a class Students lined up to buy milk tea shop, there are all kinds of snacks and snacks that can't be eaten. There is a supermarket vendor with convenient and cheap price. I am so familiar with you that I never seem to leave you Newport Cigarettes Coupons. But you have changed so fast that I can't believe I left you for only two years. Perhaps it is because I left, I was shocked by your development and change. Perhaps because I love you, I dare not go back to your territory again. I just dare to look at you like this... If life is just like first sight, I am still a ignorant high school student. I will look at the university where you will take the exam in the future and meet with friends again. When you are idle, you are in the heart of the people, but the heart is easy to change. However, I am no longer a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl. I lived here for three years. It was during this period that I changed my heart, but nowadays, I have become more coincident with my fate. I have always been through the beginning and the end, and I am only aware of it. When I realized it, it was no longer the most perfect. Perhaps, because it is not perfect, I am more worried about you, and dreams.
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Last night, the stars la
« on: June 13, 2019, 02:04:46 AM »