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Krygen XL In addition, adhering to the above proportion, you do not have to frantically think out what else to discuss this, in addition to yesterday's rain. 6. Being a critic Even if your new girlfriend suddenly let out that she was vainly reading Dontsova, she likes to brew tea bags three times and considers football to be the most boring of games - do not rush to sound the alarm. The first dates precisely for this purpose are invented, so that both of you can properly evaluate each other, understand whether you are comfortable together or not. So calmly listen and draw your own conclusions. But in no case do not start a heated argument on the topic of personal preferences - you canít change the girlís tastes (and, you see, it would be quite ugly), but youíll have enough time to remember her as a frail idiot. 7. Pay attention to other girls. Since your choice fell on this girl, who you invited for a date, then be kind, do not give signs of attention to other ladies, do not accompany your eyes and do not evaluate each beauty passing by. Even if you are so loving and all the above described maneuvers occur at the level of male instincts, i.e. practically uncontrollable, then try and gather all your will into a fist, and this evening be with the girl who came to meet you. Otherwise it may be your last date. Girls have unique peripheral vision, and even if it seems to you that all your "Kazan" views towards other women go unnoticed - you are deeply mistaken. 8. Remember your ex On the first date, completely forget about the former - today your story is as clean as a white sheet. Talking about previous relationships definitely should not be in a bad way or in a good way. In the first case, the girl will note for herself that she is also not insured against unflattering feedback if she falls into the list of your ex. And in the second one - she becomes thoughtful: if you speak so well of your past lover, then it is possible that your feelings for her have not yet cooled. If your new companion herself is trying to touch on this topic, do not boil. Tell us about the former in a few words, but do it as coolly and informatively as possible.

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