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When the washing machine stopped working I ordered the Whirlpool Motor / Pump Drive Couple. Although I could not fix it myself and still had to call a repair man, I still saved money because I did not have to pay for the same part which would have been much more expensive if he had to supply it.
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My husband, our 14 yo daughter, and I watched this the other night and loved it. It's hard to find a movie that we all can enjoy and this one was it. My daughter loves musicals, but didn't want to see this when it came out at the theater because she had no clue who The Four Seasons were or what they sang. I know in her mind, it was just 'old music'. However, she loved this movie and as soon as it ended, was she was online finding all kinds of info about the songs, actors, Frankie Valli, etc.
For those concerned, there are a few F bombs in this movie but they make sense in context. These guys had mob ties, after all--they weren't choir boys.
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Great product A++
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