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As a company that
« on: June 13, 2019, 02:03:45 AM »
As a company that failed to open a company, but did not want to go to work after 90, now is at best a self-sufficient, full-time freelancer because I write an article every day, in some people's eyes, this seems to be a fortune Tao, so many 90 will ask me, you just rely on writing articles to earn money, of course not, writing articles will not make money at all, writing articles is just a habit of me, of course, this habit has helped me improve a lot of bad habits. Let me not talk about it here, or come to talk about my freelancer, I feel that some of the benefits of not going to work because of the failure of entrepreneurship Newport 100S, inevitably have some problems, the most direct reason is economic, so I also want to go to work, I finally didn't go there, because I always believed that I am so young and want to go to work. For me who is investing now, I have a wealth of network marketing and various marketing skills, including of course. Communication skills, at least I will not do not like this industry, let alone this industry has also made me progress a lot of work is stable It is the first choice of most people, especially in the age of college students. Don��t think about starting a business easily. You must know that I am writing an article. It��s also a failure. Of course, you admit that it��s better than me. It��s nothing wrong with you. You can choose to start a business without experience and without financial support. I can only send you a sentence, so I can't leave! Well, as far as I am concerned, I don't want to go to work. I don't want to take those higher stable wages. Because I have started business and invested, I know very well how the money came from! Still speaking, what is wrong with going to work, my own point of view can't be free first, I believe that everything is happy to go to freedom, I do things like this, many readers have read what I wrote before. Article, I still learn a lot after work, because a single job is difficult to meet my needs, but not everyone will think so. Many people think about getting off work when they go to work. They want to pay when they get off work, and they don��t say freedom. Even basic work doesn't want to be done, not complaining about the talents of the day, just thinking about why they are not born Newport Cigarettes Coupons, such people can't do a job well, let alone free, and then there are too many people, you It is very clear that a company will always be divided into middle and lower thirds, of course, the majority of the inferior people, so like to say some gossip, and some people can not even complete their own performance, but also worry all day long Looking after girls, I met such people today. My article is for some 90 graduates who have just graduated Online Cigarettes. Most of these people are inferiors in the company, except that they are not worried about making money. I never think about why I don��t make money, why I don��t do well, on the contrary, what kind of party, lively, and dinner are often followed by self-adjustment. This is a very important point. I can say basically 80. After 90% of the time, I won��t think about my work after work. How can I do better and have more room for development? I won��t be two years ago Marlboro Lights, I will not adjust myself, but I will do it step by step. Of course, this can be said to be a young performance. There will be many meetings to be held at work. When I organized the meeting of the network department in 13 years, I still have the effect I want, but now in Shenzhen, I can only I said that many of them are dogmatic meetings. I will only say what you are doing and how to do it. This is the long-term plan of the education industry in Shenzhen. Most of the jobs in the company are seen at the supervisory level. I will think about organizing my own team. This is a measure of myself. Everyone��s standards are different. When I was working in 13 years, I only wanted to be the supervisor at most. To do it, there is no motivation, so I started a business! Of course, this long-term plan is to meet a lot of hardware requirements, not just talking about it! Many office workers go in for the sake of performance, or the clerk of a lifetime. Don��t think that I know some entrepreneurs. Such middle-aged people are still mixed and ordinary, and even forced to go to the factory to work. of!
In the end, I still have to say that everyone's ability, concept, thought and development are different. Not everyone can start a successful business Cigarettes Online, and not everyone goes to work without a success. The key is to look at yourself! Of course, the four points I mentioned above are really there. At present, I think the most effective thing is to stay away from the inferior people in the company.
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As a company that
« on: June 13, 2019, 02:03:45 AM »