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List of Technical Courses in India 

CRAFTSMEN COURSES: Training is imparted in 32 Engineering and 22 non-engineering trades approved by the National Council for Training in Vocational Trades to young people within the age group of 15 to 25 years.

Craft Instructor Training - There are seven Central Training Institutes for training of Instructors under the Directorate General of Employment and Training.

   To meet this demand following institutes have been established:

   (i) Advanced Training Institute, Madras

   (ii) Foreman Training Institute, Bangalore

   (iii) Central Staff Training and Research Institute, Kolkata

   (iv) Advanced Training Institute in Electronics, Hyderabad


   DEGREE LEVEL: The duration of most of these degree courses is five years and with the new pattern of Secondary Education of 10+2.

  POST-GRADUATE COURSES: These courses normally lead to the Master's Degree of two years duration.


   MANAGEMENT COURSES: Various institutions offer training at the Master's Degree level for the M.B.A. degree.




Leading Engineering Institutions in India:


    Indian Institutes of Technology- IIT's are our apex institutions for engineering education and research. Each     Institute conducts a First degree course and Master's Degree course in a wide range of subject fields, and also offers facilities for Research and Doctoral work.


    Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore- IIS, Bangalore the oldest and leading post-graduate and research centre in Science and Engineering has facilities in special fields which include Electronics and Communication Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Heat and Power Engineering, High Voltage Engineering, Power Engineering, Bio-Chemistry, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.


    Regional Engineering Colleges - Fifteen R.E.C's (Now N.I.T.) have been established in various States as a joint and co- operative enterprise of the Central and the State Governments concerned. Now these institutions has been declared as Deemed Universities.


    State Colleges and University Departments - There is a wide net work of engineering colleges established by the State Governments, Universities and private agencies.


Certain Specialised Institutions:


   Indian Institutes of Management


   National Institute for Training in Industrial Engineering, Bombay


   National Institute of' Foundry and Forge Technology, Ranchi


   Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad


   Technical Teacher's Training Institutes


   Other Institutions - School of Planning and Architecture at New Delhi which offers degree course in Architecture and Post-graduate course in Town Planning with specialisation in Urban Design, Housing and Community Planning, Transportation and Traffic Engineering). Sugar Technology. (National Institute of Sugar Technology, Kanpur), Food Technology Industrial Design (National Institute of Industrial Design, Ahmedabad), Marine Engineering (College of Marine Engineering, Bombay), etc.




Courses offered in P.G. degree level

1 Civil Engineering 2 Mechanical Engineering 3 Electrical Engineering 4 Chemical Engineering 5 Food & Bio-Chemical Engineering 6 Pharmacy 7 Chemical Technology 8 Textile Engineering 9 Electronics & Communication Engineering 10 Metallurgical Engineering 11 Architecture 12 Mining Engineering 13 Silicate Technology 14 Applied Mechanics 15 Town Planning 16 Applied Geology 17 Space Engineering & Rocketry 18 Aeronautical Engineering 19 Operations Research 20 Exploration Geophysics 21 Regional Planning 22 Mineral Engineering 23 Industrial Management & Industrial Engg. 24 Agricultural Engineering 

Courses offered in P.G. Diploma level

1 Traffic Engineering 2 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 3 Hydrology 4 Technology of Food & Drugs 5 Computer Science 6 Computer Control Engineering 7 Scientific Instrumentation 8 Instrumentation Technology 9 Highway Engineering 10 Irrigation & Hydraulics 11 Inland water navigation Engineering 12 Town Planning.

Courses offered in Indian Institutes of Technology

Under Graduate Level

1 Civil Engineering 2 Mechanical Engineering 3 Electrical Engineering 4 Chemical Engineering 5 Textile Technology 6 Metallurgy 7 Aeronautical Engineering 8 Mining Engineering 9 Agricultural Engineering 10 Naval Architecture 11 Architecture 12 Applied Geology 13 Exploration Geo-Physics 14 Electronics and communication

Post Graduate Level

1 Aeronautical Engineering 2 Agricultural Engineering 3 Chemical Engineering 4 Civil Engineering 5 Electrical Engineering 6 Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering 7 Mechanical Engineering 8 Metallurgical Engineering 9 Mineral Engineering 10 Mining Engineering 11 Industrial Management and Industrial Engg. 12 Operations Research 13 City Planning 14 Regional Planning 15 Architecture 16 Applied Geology 17 Exploration Geophysics.

Courses offered in Regional Engineering Colleges (Now N.I.T.)

Under Graduate Level

1.Civil Engineering 2 Mechanical Engineering 3 Electrical Engineering 4 Electronics and Communication 5 Metallurgy 6 Architecture 7 Chemical Engineering

Post Graduate Level

1 Civil Engineering 2 Electrical Engineering 3 Mechanical Engineering 4 Metallurgical Engineering 5 Public Health Engineering 6 Structural Engineering

M.Tech. Industry-oriented Courses in Regional Engineering Colleges

1 Design & Production Engineering Machine Tools. 2 Electronics Instrumentation 3 Transportation Engineering 4 Chemical Plant Engineering 5 Advanced Physics 6 Advanced Engineering Mathematics 7 Hydraulics and Ground water Resources Eng 8 Design & Production - Power Plant Machinery Hydro-Electric. 9 Design & Production - Power Plant Machinery-Thermal 10 Design & Production - Power Plant Machinery-Heavy Electrical Equipment. 11 Foundation Engineering (Applied to Vibratory System) 12 Engineering Materials 13 Design & Production Engineering Medium Duty Machines 14 Mechanical Shaping of Metals (Rolling, Forging and Heat Treatment) 15 Extractive Metallurgy and Foundry with emphasis on Alloy Steel Production 16 Production of Fertilizers. 17 Extractive Metallurgy 18 Foundry Technology 19 Public Health Engineering 20 Integrated Power System and Diploma course in Metallurgy Ferro Alloys Production 21 Marine Structure 22 Industrial Structures 23 Industrial Physics 24 Analysis and Design of Process Equipment 25 Production of Process Machines and Equipment 26 Design of Process Machines 27 Design & Production - High Pressure Boilers and Accessories 28 Design & Production - Heavy Machines with emphasis on mechanical equipment for steel plants 29 Technology of Metallurgical Furn

Technical and Professional Institutions under the purview of Union Department of Secondary  & Higher Education

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
All India Council for Technical Education
Educational Consultants India Limited
Regional Engineering Colleges
School of Planning & Architecture

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