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Scholarship in India

Scholarships in India

Letís try and understand why scholarships are required? Are they necessary and at what levels are they available? Scholarships in India are usually a means for students to pursue higher studies. Indian students who want to pursue a professional course or higher studies in any field may seek fellowships or scholarships to pursue higher studies as they may not be in a position to afford the course fees or the expense of the course material. It is not necessary that students who come from the weaker economic strata only require scholarships, rather students from middle class families or the upper classes to seek scholarships as usually the high cost of higher education is not always within there reach.

Scholarships in India are offered by the state government and the central government as well as private institutions, universities and training institutes. Foreign students also have the opportunity to avail of these fellowships. Scarcity of financial resources may force many a student to give up studies at the graduate or post graduate level, scholarships offered by universities and colleges enable students to complete their desire for higher studies.

The process of application for higher studies differs in different institutions and at times even foreign universities offer scholarships to students to complete higher studies. The amount offered as scholarship also differs based on the course level and the university from which one chooses to do this course. Before a student decides to opt for a course and apply for scholarships he should go through the paperwork, understand all the details and then only sign up for the course.

At the higher secondary level one can win scholarships by appearing for the national talent search examination. Several banks and insurance companies to offer scholarships and loans for higher studies, most scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit. While some scholarships are based on the scholarís academic performance others are based on his or her performance on some specific competitive exams to pick the most meritorious candidate.

A scholarship offered by the Life Insurance Corporation gives students scholarship from economically weaker strata to study in a government or private college or university. It also offers scholarship for technical or vocational training. Students who have appeared for or passed the standard twelfth examination and want to do a course in Engineering or graduation in arts, science or commerce or diploma in any field can avail of this scholarship.

Scholarships are a great boon for students who want to study but are unable to do so due to financial problems.