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List of Best Medical Colleges in Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Top Medical Colleges in Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Medical Education in India

             Medical Education is defined as the study of medicinal sciences. This education in India has worldwide influence. Medical Colleges in India are sub categorized into government and private sectors. There are many courses, related to the various human health requirements; there are also a vetnary courses for animals. MBBS, BPT, BDS, B. Pharm, MPT, MS, MDS are some of the courses in Indian medical education. Only students who secure, very high marks in their HSC can pursue medical education. Very small point differences in the marks, create a competition for this medical studies in India.



A Medical Entrance Exam is being conducted annually, by the government and also by some prestigious institutions. Some of them are AIIMS, CMC, MPMT, JIPMER, and UPCAT and so on. The MBBS that is abbreviated as Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery; is the basic and the most looked up under graduate course, for the students. It is a five-year course, where in the first four years the theoretical knowledge along with training can be got ant and the final year is for internship, which means online

practice. A person can be authorized as a doctor, when he or she completes this MBBS course. It is the further PG degree, which decides the specialization in the field. He or she can be a cardiologist or neurologist or a radiologist or psychiatrist or an ophthalmologist or a gynecologist or whatever specialist he or she comes under.

         Medical students have to learn and train a lot in India,  which turns out as a burden. The reasons  why most of the students do not prefer medical education in India are the toughness of the subjects, also most of the students who fail to get a seat in the government college, cannot afford for private colleges, even the total time span of pursuing this course is relatively large, despite all this when they get placed in a hospital, their pay does not equalize with their struggle. All these disputes should be solved, and the awareness of this medical education for the life and health should be enhanced in our nation.


Here is a list of Best Medical Colleges in Bhubaneswar :

Hi-Tech Medical College & Hospital
Pandara, Rasulgarh
Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Telephone: 0674-2371406/08
EMail: vbctmch@sify.com

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