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List of Best Management In Colleges in Kolkata


Top Management Institutes in Kolkata West Bengal India 

Management Institutes in Kolkata are definitely no less. Kolkata is growing so a lot of companies are finding this city suitable as the cost of production is very low. They can invest in this city and can earn huge profits because of this. Plus they find no competition in the state. All the more this adds to the city’s growth.

In continuation to this trend, the city has seen a sudden boom in the growth of Management Institutes in Kolkata. Students undergo a rigorous training like any other MBA Institutes in Kolkata or any place would do. On successful completion of their courses they get placed simultaneously in the top notch companies of India.

Business Schools in Kolkata will never cease to grow as the corporate sector has just started to invest in the state. To get admitted into one of these Business Schools in Kolkata one has to crack the Management Entrance Exam          . The Management courses in Kolkata are no different than the other courses found in other parts of India.

As a result of this Management Institutes in Kolkata are also developing to produce quality students. These students can then become a world leader one day provided that they have the ability to sustain and survive. The Management Institutes in Kolkata inject that capacity in them.

  1. B.P. Poddar Instt. of Management & Technology
    Poddar Vihar, Mondal Ghanti,
    Kolkata - 700 052
  2. Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management Science
     Block-FA, Sector-III, Salt Lake City,
    Kolkata - 700 097
    Tel : 033- 23350449/23358754
    E-mail :
  3. Department of Business Management
    Calcutta University 1, Refermatory Street,
    Alipore, Kolkata - 700 073
  4. Eastern Institute of Integrated Learning in Management
    6, Waterloo Street, 2nd Floor,
    Kolkata - 700 069
  5. Future Inst Of Engineering & Management  
    Sonarpur Station Road
    Kamalgazi 24 Pgns Kolkata
  6. George College
    (Department of Management Studies)

    Mollargate, Budge, Budge Trunk Roak,
    Kolkata-41, West Bengal
  7. Heritage Institute Of Tech.
    Chowbaga Road Anandpur P.O: East
    Kolkata Township Kolkata- 700107
  8. Indian Institute of Management
    oka, Alipore, Kolkata - 700 027
  9. Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management
    Mgt. House, College Square (West),
    Kolkata - 700 073
  10. Institute of Business Management & Research
    6/1, Swinhoe Street,
    Kolkata - 700 019
  11. Institute of Business Management, National Council of Education (NCE) 
    188, Raja S.C. Mullick Road,
    Kolkata - 700 032
  12. Institute of Engineering & Management
    120, SDF Building, Sector-V,
    Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700 091
  13. Institute of Health & Family Welfare
    29, G.N. Block, Sector-V,
    Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata-91, West Bengal
  14. Institute of Modern Management
     3A, Loudon Street, 1st Floor,
    Kolkata - 700 017
  15. International Institute of Management Science
    CF-151, Sector-I, Salt Lake City,
    Kolkata - 700 064
  16. Narula Institute Of Technology 
    81, Niljunj Road, Belghoria,
    Kolkata - 700 058 West Bengal.
  17. National Institute of Management
    Building No.117, Command Hospital Complex,
    Alipore, Kolkata - 700 027

  18. National Institute of Personnel Management
    45, Jhowtala Road, 1st Floor, P.B.No.10275,
    Kolkata - 700 019

  19. Techno India
    Plot No.Em-4/1, Salt Lake
    Electr.Complex,Sector-V, Kolkata - 700 091
    West Bengal.


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