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Educational loans in India

Study Loans in India

There was a time when scholarship was not readily available to the students. Though, scholarship did exist, but only few select individuals could avail them. The scenario took a steep change when private banks began providing educational loans in India. Many students who studied with a lot of heart and brilliance suddenly found themselves to be in a position to get educational loans from banks. Still, you need to know few details about availing educational loans in India.

If you had appeared for CAT exams, and you had somehow cleared the exams, then you wonít have to worry, thinking about admission funds. Banks are taking special interest to finance your education. The better your score, the more likely you would get educational loans from banks.

The sudden change in the structure of educational loans in India has a lot to do with the Indian economy. Indianís globalization affects are now been seen in the educational sector, as banks are in the midst of a boom. The finance sector as a whole is in a Euphoria.

Though, you need to fulfill certain criteria to avail loans from the banks. You need to provide your identity proof, a ration card is a must, and sought by most of the banks. Your address proof is also a must; you should produce enough residential proofs to make banks believe that you are an Indian resident.

Find the list of banks in your area that provides educational loans to the students.

Here are few of those banks that provide educational loans to students.

1. State bank of India.
2. Uco bank
3. Dena bank
4. Federal bank
5. IDBI bank
6. HDFC bank
7. Allahabad bank
8. Oriental bank of commerce
9. bank of Mysore
10. Indian overseas bank


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