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List of Best Dental Colleges In Madhya Pradesh


Top Dental Colleges In Madhya Pradesh


Dental Education in India

            The allopathic treatment of mouth, maxilla and the face is called the Dentistry. The professionals in this field are called as ‘Dental Doctors’ or a “Dentist”. There are 250 Dental Colleges in India (both government and private) producing, 17000 to 20000 dentists every year. The Bachelor of Dental Surgery, called as the BDS course is the right under graduation degree in this field. The fee for this course is huge.


An Entrance exam should be written for pursuing this course. The different entrance exams for the BDS course are TNPCEE, CBSE, BCECE, DUMET and PMT. BDS course is for five years, with four years training and a single year internship. In the BDS course subjects like Physiology, pathology, pharmacology, anatomy, biochemistry

Micro Biology, surgery and general medicine are taught in the initial stages of the course. In the later years subjects like Oral Pathology,  Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Oral Medicine with Radiology, Periodontics, Oral histology, Pedodontics, Oral with Maxillofacial surgery, and Orthodontics with Dentofacial are taught in depth and in detail.

            The post graduation of the BDS course is MDS, as the name it self says Masters in Dental Surgery. There are also other courses like the DDM (Doctor of Dental medicine), DDS (Doctor of Dental Studies) and the MSD (Masters in Science of the Dentistry). In India the number of post graduation colleges, are very less than the under graduate BDS course colleges. A dentist hast to learn and practice, really a lot to excel in this prestigious possession. Therefore, the medical education council of India is taking prior steps to cultivate new colleges and many new fields of study of dentistry in India. This is because the dental subjects are too many to study and only update versions are prescribed for the students.

             Therefore, it is the duty of the council of medical education in India, to promote dental studies with many job offers in government and reputed private hospitals, as how it happens in the foreign countries. If this is done, ten years from now this serving, dignified course of dentistry can be advanced and enhanced in our nation.


College of Dental Sciences & Hospital
F-12, Jhoomer Ghat, Rau,
Indore 453331
Madhya Pradesh

Government College of Dentistry
Indore 452001
Madhya Pradesh

Maharana Pratap College of Dentistry & Research Centre
Putli Ghar Road,
Madhya Pradesh

Modern Dental College & Research Centre
Nainod, Gandhi Nagar, Airport Road,
Madhya Pradesh

Peoples College of Dental Sciences & Research Centre
Karond-Bhanpur Bypass Road,
Bhopal 462070
Madhya Pradesh

RKDF Dental College & Research Centre
N.H.-12, Hoshangabad Road,
Bhopal - 462026
Madhya Pradesh

School of Dental Sciences & Hospital
10/11, Y.N. Road,
Indore 453112
Madhya Pradesh


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