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Scholarships for Indian Students Abroad

Scholarships for Indian Students Abroad

The trend of Indian students wanting to go abroad namely to countries like UK, USA, Australia has been there for quite some time. Right from the sixties or even before that children from affluent families went abroad to study or work, however the seventies saw a different trend emerging children from middle income families also started aspiring for a foreign education. They would either depend on bank loans or scholarships from certain grant commissions or seek fellowship at certain universities abroad. Why is there such a strong desire to study abroad, does it in any way state that education provided in Indian colleges or universities is not good enough, not at al, in reality it is the white collar jobs that one is expected to get once one has a foreign degree is what causes students to seek admission in foreign universities.

There was a time when Indian students were chasing foreign universities but today times have changed, India is seen as a big business market and foreign universities try to lure Indian students with scholarships abroad or flexible fees schedules or discount programs or even offering bank help etc. The more Indian students seek fellowships abroad the more universities especially some of the new entrants in the Indian market offer bursaries or scholarships to entice them. It also reduces the shock level that the high fees would otherwise have on their psyche which would in a way act as a deterrent.

Generally the scholarships or bursaries that these universities offer are in the form of financial aid and are offered to academically brilliant students. They also have certain select countries that are awarded these bursaries One advantage of these schemes is that they manage to attract international student which is a major source of revenue.

India and China are the big target markets for universities in UK and USA the reason being the huge population. What is important in any case is that students should enquire about financial support offered and know the details of what they are signing for. To further enhance their prospects students should prove their academic qualifications and its validity. Perform well in standard qualifying tests. India has the maximum number of students who want to pursue a course abroad.

As per the university faculty members scholarships are definitely ways of luring students but they are not the only reason why students choose a particular university, often factors like the university name, its success record in terms of its pass outs being successful in different fields are some of the reasons why students like to opt for a certain university.



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