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Entrance Exams In India

Entrance Exams In India

India is a country that as per statistics churns out the maximum number of graduates every year. Does a simple graduation degree promise you a well paying job? Probably not, in fact most students try to seek entrance in colleges that offer professional courses. Engineering and medicine are the preferred choices and after that follows MBA, CA etc. Some people also like to offer law courses often at the post- graduate level. Most students who want to join a course in Engineering or medicine want to join premier institutes in India. So they start preparing for entrance examinations conducted by various institutes like IIT JEE or CAT. Coaching classes run at local and national levels to train students to crack these competitive Examinations.



Some of the sought after premier institutes are IIT for engineering students; AIIMS and AFMC for medical students and IIM for management students. Students who appear for engineering entrance exam like IIT JEE do so after their higher secondary exams. For Medical entrance exam to get admission in AIIMS, AFMC and various other government run or private medical institutions students appear for competitive exams. After graduation many students seek white collar jobs in the corporate sector so they prepare for exams like CAT to crack the management entrance exam for IIM a premier management institute in India. After completing a course from these institutes it is expected that the students would get the best and the highest paying jobs in multi-nationals. Some people also do courses in law to enhance their career prospects; they appear for law entrance exam to get admission in premier law institutions.

Coaching classes or institutions step in as the number of seats is limited and the number of students who appear for these posts is more. They cash in on the opportunity generated by the fact that all want to qualify. This becomes a very lucrative profession as parents are ready to pay any amount to ensure their son or daughter’s entrance into these institutions. The secret to success if these institutions are that they do focused study. They do not waste time in making students go through the whole course rather they focus on cracking the examination paper. They teach students strategies of focused study and make them solve several question papers. Due to their focused approach the success rate of these institutions is very high. Once the students have qualified for these exams they seek the top courses within the institution, e.g. students who top in the IIT can choose electronic engineering or computer sciences, so the competition is not just about clearing these entrance examinations but also about opting for the best courses.

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